What is 3g in the phone?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 27, 2011
What is 3g in the phone?

Recently, phones that support 3G technology are gaining more and more popularity. This is not surprising, because today's world needs a fast, convenient and high-quality connection. Moreover, this connection must "be" in a person's pocket. Few people imagine the principles of 3G technology. Therefore, today, dear reader, we will deal with questions about 3G technology.

3G connection and mobile phone

What is 3G in the phone? 3G is the youngest communication technology that uses two communication standards at once. These are UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). The frequency range of 3G reaches 2100 MHz. This is several times more than in previous mobile communication standards. With the increase in the frequency range, users, however, received less communication coverage, but this is probably the only drawback. Compared with the advantages of 3G, all of its shortcomings pale.

So, what we have in the end, using new mobile communication technologies:

  • The possibility of high-quality video. Now you can see the other person, wherever he is.
  • Incomparable with early standards of communication sound quality. The human voice now sounds as if the other person is talking two meters away from you. There is no signal failure. Words sound to the end, and the communication session is devoid of all sorts of interference.
  • Now the network can serve a large number of users. If earlier the network size did not allow several thousand communicating to call their friends and relatives at once, now, using 3G in the phone, a huge number of subscribers can simultaneously communicate without suffering from network congestion.
  • The harmful radiation from radio waves has become much less. You can safely talk on the phone for several hours a day.
  • Now, using 3G standards (for example, a 3G modem), you can transfer data packets to any distance, and the file size can be quite large. With the advent of 3G technology in the telecommunications market, a huge number of new services have emerged that have been very useful to many users of communication.

Despite all the innovations of the modern world, do not forget about the value of real live communication.Undoubtedly, technologies such as 3G are often simply necessary in the most diverse situations of our daily life. But remember that your loved ones and friends first of all need real communication. They want to hear your voice alive and look you in the eye. Do not replace yourself with your communicator.