What is a channel?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
April 2, 2015
What is a channel?

The word "channel" can be found in many industries. It is used by such sciences as hydrography, engineering, physics, biology, etc.

But in general, this term refers to a passage or system connecting two objects.

What is a channel in different meanings of the word

Let us consider in more detail what a channel is. So.

  • In hydrography, the term “channel” refers to a channel (artificial) filled with water, which is laid in the ground and connects two or more reservoirs, intended for irrigation, land improvement, drainage (drainage) of marshes or water supply in arid areas. A channel can also indicate a narrow passage, for example, in the ice, for the passage of ships. An example of a channel is the White Sea-Baltic Canal, the Suez Canal.
  • What is a channel in physics? If we mean a communication channel (television, radio channel, tone frequency channel, etc.), these are two or more devices that are connected by a communication line operating at certain frequencies of the waves.

You can also find out about the causes of problems with communication channels - all you need to do is to read our article. Why notchannels are working.

  • The term is also used in biology, referring to the thin void space inside any organ. For example, a canal in the root of a tooth, in which there are blood vessels supplying it with oxygen and nutrients, and nerves or the urethra.

Use words in sentences

The term can be used in this expression: “Shipping channels are created for the passage of various kinds of water transport on them”. "The dentist advised to expand the channel for the treatment of the tooth." "The television channel will begin broadcasting sports news online at 21.00."