What is a finished product certification magazine

Receipt - a comprehensive audit conducted to study the quality of food products. Often carried out not only in the shops, but also in restaurants, canteens, cafes, kindergartens, schools, and other catering establishments. It is carried out by a special commission that allows you to determine compliance with the standards in the manufacturing process, monitor the condition of the premises, the menu. It also includes checking compliance with health regulations by workers. All information about such activities are recorded in the scoring journal of finished products.

Each test begins with an assessment of organoleptic characteristics. The quality of the finished product is influenced not only by the composition of the cook, but also by the characteristics of the purchased raw materials, the correct formulation of the recipe. According to the results of the evaluation:

  • Excellent. It is seldom placed, since to obtain the “five”, compliance with all norms, strict adherence to the recipe is required.
  • Good.It is placed in compliance with the recipes, compliance with the technology of preparation. The products have good taste properties, but have disadvantages. For example, when cooking, there is no golden brown, the cutting of products was carried out incorrectly.
  • Satisfactorily. When using the recipe there were errors, for example, in the sample there are errors in the ratio of ingredients used. There is a smell and taste, and the appearance of a deformed. Such an assessment is made if the dish is not fully cooked or burnt.
  • Unsatisfactory. Such products are not allowed for sale and sale. Such an assessment can be obtained by one parameter, but the entire batch will not reach the consumer.

How is the magazine filled?

Wikipedia says that the rejection journal contains notes about all proven dishes with a quality rating. Filled with a commission, the number of which depends on the size of the enterprise. In small industries, it includes the head, manager, senior cook, and sometimes a medical worker. In large workshops, additional engineers, technicians, a cook, a fifth-grade confectionery specialist, and a laboratory representative are invited.

The journal itself consists of pages, each of which has 7 columns.They contain information on the exact date and time of preparation of the dish, the time of the verification work, the full name of the product, the final information on the opinion and the assessment. Be sure to indicate permission to sell goods. Signatures must stand all members of the commission.

If necessary, you can leave comments in the journal. More often they are left, if during the check an unsatisfactory mark was made. In this case, all available legitimate reasons and facts are prescribed.

Subtleties of filling

In some enterprises, cooks and pastry chefs are allowed to make corrective corrections. To do this, you must have the right to "personal rejection". The magazine is held by a responsible cook. Requirements for its filling are:

  • page numbering is required;
  • the journal must be stitched and sealed;
  • it must describe all the properties and characteristics of the finished product.

The entry of information should occur every day at the enterprises that operate in the field of nutrition. To prevent incorrect results, the study should take place in a separate room, where the object of study will not be distorted by extraneous odors or improper artificial lighting.

In conclusion, we note that in the journal were mostly positive ratings, you need to pay attention to the quality and shelf life of the purchased raw materials, carefully check the integrity of the package. All products must be stored in proper conditions. In the working room is provided with good ventilation, optimum humidity. One of the main rules is the observance of SanPin in the process of preparation.