What is a guesthouse?

Alena Mikhailova
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What is a guesthouse?

There are many words in Russian that have several meanings, so you need to try to learn them all, so that later there will be no confusion or misunderstanding.

Below you can find out what a guesthouse is.

Meaning of the word "board"

This word is of Latin origin and means payment.

A boarding school with a hostel was called a boarding school in pre-revolutionary Russia and some European countries. Its distinguishing feature was that the students were fully supported. The board was established at an educational institution or from a private person.

It is worth noting that the board was also an educational institution, in which the girls were given to teach manners and literacy. There was even an expression like boarding school. More information on this topic can be found in our article What are the schools.

Also, the guesthouse is called a small hotel, which provides rooms to the tenant on the terms of full service.As a rule, accommodation is cheap, and most often students live there.