What is a man?

If we ignore the definition of the term "man" as a biological being, then we can interpret this concept through the list of female stereotypes about truly masculine qualities. About exactly how women see the stronger sex, we will talk later in our article.

Male character

Centuries succeeded each other, but women stubbornly refused to part with the cherished image of the perfect man. And although people changed over the years, society, all sorts of aspects of human life, the world itself, the “model” of a true man, seemed to always remain about the same.

Positive qualities of men

Ask any lady what a man should be, whom she would consider if not for an ideal, then for a miracle as close as possible to him, you would hear the following:

  • He is strong and brave. From the time of the first people, the man was called to protect women and children from danger, to help them survive. Actually, after several thousand years, a woman still sees in a strong field of advocates.
  • He never cries. To cry is to be sentimental, to be weak in something.In addition, often tears mean regret, sadness, pain, disappointment. A true man - the winner, the hunter - is not fit to experience these negative emotions, because he is confident in himself. And that means that he is not supposed to cry.
  • He is kind, noble and generous. The ideal man in the eyes of a woman is so strong that he can afford to be exceptionally honest, caring, and selfless.
  • He is a business and successful, provides a family. And again, we are dealing with the legacy of the “ancient people”, in whom it was men who were responsible for the extraction of meat - the main nutritional product.
  • He is smart. It is important for a woman to feel protected, and only a more experienced, mature, intellectually developed partner can give this wonderful feeling.

Negative qualities of a man

But speaking of the negative qualities of men, women for the most part will note the following:

  • He constantly thinks about sex and can change often. This stereotype is almost as old as the remains of dinosaurs found by scientists, since it comes from time immemorial primitive communal system. It was then that the living conditions assumed from the man as polygamous as possible.
  • He does not like smart women. Here it would be more correct to say that a man does not like to feel like a fool in the light of his lady’s brilliant intellect. That is why this stereotype is true in a certain sense.
  • He understands female psychology poorly. Perhaps this statement is no less correct than the fact that it is difficult for a woman to decipher the male inner world.
  • He is not able to maintain order in the house. Perhaps this is so, but he is always able to find another woman who will do it instead of him, and therefore is it not better to close our eyes to this little flaw?

Of course, most of these stereotypes, as is usually the case with them, are completely or partially erroneous. Nevertheless, many women sincerely continue to believe in them.

Appearance of a man

The answer to the question of what a man dreams, every woman will have his own. And often women fall in love with men who are completely different from the ideal image that they imagined.

However, in relation to the appearance can be noted some common features that many ladies prefer to see in their partners.

  • Height and weight.Many women like men taller and stronger than they are. This, firstly, allows a woman to appear visually fragile, which is certainly very advantageous. And secondly, it gives on a subconscious level a sense of security from the side of a larger “male”.
  • Musculature. Most ladies find moderately developed body relief very seductive and beautiful. In particular, women are highly valued by strong male hands, which give out in the representative of the stronger sex endurance, the ability for physical labor, and also evoke the idea of ​​powerful protection. At the same time, an overly pumped body can, on the contrary, cause extremely negative emotions.
  • Clothing, appearance. For many women, it is important that the man looked neat, had a neat haircut, smelled of a good cologne.