What is a mole?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 2, 2015
What is a mole?

The word "mole" comes from the Italian moles - "mass, embankment", and the meaning of this term corresponds to its origin. A pier is a hydrotechnical restrictive structure that protects the port waters from waves. The pier is adjacent to the shore, and this fact is the main difference between the pier and the breakwater - another protective structure, which, however, is based directly on the water.

Why do we need a pier?

After reading what they say, it becomes clear why it is needed. However, the pier sometimes performs not only protective functions - it can also play the role of a berth for the placement of vessels and transshipment devices.

The port on the open coast is accompanied by two moles, they can be either converging or parallel, in which case special gates are installed between them. A port in the bay, as a rule, has one mole, since it already has a certain protection against wind and waves.

What are the moles?

The design and type of the pier is determined by the hydrological and geological regime of the area where the port is located. Mainly distinguished:

  • side piers - made of stone and concrete massifs;
  • vertical moles - erected from masonry and reinforced concrete massifs;
  • combined moles - are built using the methods of construction of sloping and vertical moles.

Each mole has a beacon or signal light, which must be installed one and a half meters above the main part of the structure.

Mole - other meanings

The word "mole" is also used in other meanings.

Mol in mythology - the son of God Ares, and in the famous Star Wars saga - Darth Maul plays the role of one of the characters.

In addition, in Serbia there is a city called Mol.

The pier is called the municipality in Belgium.

The abbreviation MOL in accounting means a materially responsible person (this is an employee who is assigned certain property values ​​in connection with certain work duties). This employee, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, is fully liable for these values ​​and is obliged to compensate for the damage in case of their damage or loss.

Also, "they say" is used as an introductory word in the meaning of "they say, speak", indicating the transfer of other words (derived from "say").For example: “I told your grandfather that Pyotr Ovsyanikov, they say, is complaining about you: you take the land away, deceived the earth” (IS Turgenev - “Odyshevsky Setter”). Today, in this sense, "they say" we hear less and less, more often this word can be found in classical literature. A pier in this sense replaces the present generation with the “type” sentence.

"Mole" should not be confused with the "mall" - the word used to refer to shopping centers.