What is a pool?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
What is a pool?

The word "pool" is used in different spheres of life, and not everyone guesses what a pool is in a particular context. The article tells about the different uses of this word.

Swimming pool

Speaking about the pool, we often mean the swimming pool.

Swimming pool is a building for water sports. The key components of the swimming pool can be called a large area bath filled with water, roundabout paths, springboard and jumping tower.

Swimming pools, depending on their device, are divided into open and closed.

The open ones are directly on the street. They can be used only in the warm season.

Indoor pools are located in the building, which allows them to be used all year round. About what you can do in the pool, read the article What to do in the pool.

Varieties of pools

In addition to the most common and well-known meaning of the word "pool" also has many other meanings. Let's try to figure out what a pool is.

First of all the pool is an artificial reservoir. It can be swimming, hydromassage and experiential (for the implementation of various experiments with the movements of the bodies).

In geography, the word pool is used to determine the area of ​​flow of a certain body of water, that is, it is the territory where all the waters - surface and underground - flow into one body of water.

The geological use of the word "basin" is as follows: the area of ​​sediment distribution of one type of mineral (coal, oil, etc.).

Also in medicine there is the concept of a vascular pool, which designate a set of blood vessels that provide blood supply to an organ.