What is a zone?

January 27, 2015
What is a zone?

The word "zone" in the Russian language has several meanings. Its etymology goes back to the ancient Greek "belt" and the French "zone".

In the Dahl dictionary, this concept is defined as a strip of earth, a belt around the planet, passing along the equator (or, as they said, an equinox).

Territorial designation

What is a zone? The area or territory, the space between or along the borders, which can be characterized by some common features, properties. For example: climate zone, border zone, recreation area, neutral zone.

Colloquial meaning

The territory protected by certain structures of the state where prisoners (convicts) serve their sentences provided by the Criminal Code. Also - places of detention, camps, corrective labor colonies. Most often the word in this sense is used in the conversational plan in certain circles of society. For example, “I trampled down the zone for five years” or, as in the famous song: “Pigeons fly over our zone”.

Part of something

In the dictionary of Efremov also indicates another meaning of the word zone: a part of any organism or production, device or mechanism, characterized by a specific function. For example, erogenous zones in the human body or a dangerous zone in production.

In music

What is a zone in a musical context? A narrow frequency band of sound that does not change its quality, tone of a certain pitch (fixed). Such a phenomenon in music is also observed in the area of ​​timbre, rhythm, tempo, dynamics of sound.