What is an anomaly?

January 12, 2015
What is an anomaly?

Anomaly is a Greek word, which means deviation from the norm. We often use such expressions with this word: magnetic anomaly, astronomical anomaly, developmental anomaly and anomalous phenomenon.

Consider what an anomaly in each particular value.

Magnetic anomaly

These are areas on the surface of the Earth, in which the magnetic field is significantly different from the standard one. There are magnetic anomalies:

  • continental;
  • regional;
  • local

Astronomical anomaly

An anomaly in astronomy is the angle with which one can describe the motion of a celestial body in an elliptical orbit. There is a middle, true and eccentric anomaly.

Developmental anomaly

Abnormalities of development are considered to be malformations that can occur both in the pre-natal and postpartum periods. The development of such anomalies depends on external and internal factors. Every year more and more children are born with anomalies.

Abnormal phenomena

Abnormal phenomena are considered phenomena that have no clear scientific explanation. The study of such phenomena is engaged in parascience. Abnormal situations are beyond the comprehension of a real scientific picture of the world.