What is ARVI?

One of the most common epidemic diseases of our time is SARS - doctors make such a diagnosis quite often, sometimes without even going into a serious study of the causes. What is ARVI, what are its causes and what are the symptoms, how can you get infected and how to recover from ARVI, let's talk further.

Acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) is a group of acute inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, united by clinical and morphological signs of similarity. Among these diseases are the following:

  • flu;
  • parainfluenza;
  • respiratory syncytial infection;
  • rhinovirus infection;
  • adenoviral infection and other inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

Causes of ARVI

In the name of the group of diseases, the main and main cause of the diseases is already laid, these are various viral pathogens that are mobile carriers of infection and are highly infectious. This is the main answer to the question of how the flu differs from ARVI.

Ways to infect SARS

Also, these diseases are combined according to the mode of transmission - respiratory, that is, meaning belonging to the breath. And because the most common route of transmission of infectious viruses - airborne. It can be realized through inhalation, sneezing and coughing, as well as during normal conversation, which increases the accelerated spread of the disease.

Symptoms of SARS

With the penetration of viruses in the human body begins the struggle for survival. The main effect that pathogens have is toxic, and therefore the body cannot help but feel their influence on itself. Already being on the mucous membranes, viruses begin to emit toxic substances, which over time can lead to various symptoms, such as weakness, weakness, runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache, soreness and tearing of the eyes. If the disease is triggered and was not detected at the appropriate time, then the symptoms can flow into the complication with a bacterial infection.

Treatment of ARVI

After the discovery of these symptoms, it is necessary to begin the fight against malicious viruses. But before you self-medicate, you should still consult a doctor. Do not carry the disease "on their feet", as this can lead to complications.It is recommended to sick with acute respiratory viral infections in bed rest and to use more fortified liquids, for example, fruit drinks or juices containing vitamin C, it can also be tea. If the temperature does not disappear, the patient should be given anti-fever, for example, "Paracetamol", in the case of a cold and cough - appropriate relief means. Antibiotics are used only for complications and in the early stages are more likely not to be beneficial, will be ineffective. An additional tool in the fight against ARVI can respiratory gymnastics.