What is baroque

External manifestations of the inner ideal

The main external manifestations of this bizarre style were lush and solemn forms, life-affirming colors, a bold combination of contrasts, a soft border between the real and the fantastic world. Imagine a woman with a strange, not devoid of grace hair and livid skin, a man filled with the spirit of metrosexuality, carefully shaved, clean and scented. Everything in their guise is far from the word natural, beautiful, aesthetic and reasonable. Now you can imagine what real baroque is.
Suits made in the trendy Baroque style are characterized by excessive stiffness, lace, ruffles and turn-down collars, a huge number of bows, fluffy buckles, an abundance of accessories in the form of clutches, fans, fluffy wigs and flies. Everything shouted about grace, luxury and deliberate impracticality of the new style of the era of the 16-17 centuries.
Baroque burst into a boring interior with its beautiful tapestries, frescoes, exquisite marble floors and lush forms of furniture.


Baroque painting is represented by aristocratic subjects, the images are characterized by dynamics and atypical acts. A striking example is the work of Rubens and Cavaggio, they are filled with realism, the gestures of the characters are expressive and reflect the main features of their character.
In all works made in the Baroque style, the immense joy of being and the desire for beauty, a certain aristocracy and the involvement of a person in the world of events and experiences, are seen.
As a rule, Baroque painting prefers allegory and mythology, a combination of the natural and the fantastic, science and spirituality.

Monumental forms

Complex curvilinear forms, sculptures, majestic facades of buildings, columns and multi-tiered - that is what distinguishes the architecture, made in this style, has spread in France, Spain and even Russia. The Palace of Versailles, Grand Palace, Peterhof are the most vivid examples of the combination of baroque painting and architecture.

Literature and music

The style in literature and music got its spread, presenting a dull reality in the form of a fantastic dream and referring towith obvious irony and sarcasm using complex metaphors and plots of ancient Greece that are far from reality. The texts are full of metaphors, love lyrics are replete with epithets, superlatives. A new hero appears in literature - a gentleman, he is educated, smart, has refined manners, but he is sacrificial in nature, he is not able to withstand external forces, and therefore, as a rule, gracefully dies in a duel.