What is binary?

Alexander Smaznev
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What is binary?

You can often hear phrases such as "binary file" or "binary clock." What do these different concepts have in common? Apparently, they are binary. What is binary?

The prefix bi- (Latin bi-) means binary. Binary is a sign of the subject, which says that the subject consists of two parts or two elements.

What is a binary code

A binary code is a way of recording information using only two characters. Most often, these signs are 0 and 1. For example, if you write the digit 0 with a binary code, then it will be 000, 1 is 001. But if you write the remaining digits with the binary code that we used to perceive in the decimal number system, we get : 2 - as 010, 3 - as 011, 4 - as 100, and so on.

What is a binary file

Binary (binary) files are called because their structural components - bytes - are a combination of 8 characters written in a binary code (8 bits). That is, one byte is eight zeros or ones in different combinations. Strictly speaking, all files are binary.They also speak about text files, but they are a kind of binary.

What does binary option mean

A binary option is a tool for buying assets, in which the investor has only two possible options for the outcome of the transaction - either to obtain a fixed, previously known profit, or to lose all investments (all or nothing).

If you buy with the help of a binary option shares of any company, for example, for a period of 24 hours and the amount of $ 1,000, and the shares during this time increase in price by 1%, then you can make a profit, say, 80%. And you will not have $ 1,010, but $ 1,800. But if the shares fall in price by the same 1%, you will not have $ 990, but nothing will be left.

Binary connections

Binary compounds are chemicals consisting of two chemical elements. Classic examples:

  • water (H2O)consisting of molecules of hydrogen and oxygen;
  • all oxides, including carbon dioxide (CO2);
  • ammonia (NH3).

They also speak about binary alloys, that is, alloys consisting of two metals or metal and non-metal. So, bronze is a binary alloy of copper and tin, and cast iron and steel are binary alloys of iron with carbon.

There is still a binary clock.