What is chauvinism?

Tatyana Lyho
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What is chauvinism?

Many dictionaries describe chauvinism as an aggressive ideology of nationalism. If nationalists lovingly elevate their nation over others, then chauvinists do the same, only show hatred towards other nationalities. Let's take a deeper look at what chauvinism is, so as not to ignore their side.

The meaning and definition of chauvinism

Imagine a human society in which there are no class differences, all people are equal, peace and harmony reign. Say it is a myth? You're right! Society has always been divided into classes, and this engendered envy, hatred, suffering and endless bloodshed. And the reason for all is chauvinism. What is chauvinism, you ask, let's see!

Chauvinism is an ideology whose goal is to empower its nation with special rights, and other people to discriminate. Let's look at examples. The manifestation of popular white chauvinism brought a lot of grief to the colored population in Africa, Australia, and North America.He became the cause of the genocide of the Tasmanian aborigines. In Europe, Jews were considered despicable, leading to the Holocaust. And many other unrest among the poor and middle sections of the population in different countries has led to the suffering of people.

If you want respect from others, do not purchase it by order. Earn respect in your own way of speaking and acting!