What is closer to Earth?

Lilya Mayak
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What is closer to Earth?

Probably, everyone knows about the existence of other planets and stars, but far from many know about their location to our planet.

What stars and planets are our cosmic neighbors and what is closer to Earth? We will tell about it in this article.

Earth's closest neighbors

Have you ever heard of the Alpha Centauri star system? It is the closest neighbor of the Sun and consists of three stars that rotate one above the other. It is the third star of this system that is closest to our Earth. It is called Proxima Centauri and is a small red and dim star. It is important to note that the color of the stars determines their temperature, and the red stars are considered cool. Proxima Centauri is located far from its sisters with whom it forms the star system.

Another close neighbor of the Earth, the so-called Bernard star, is very similar to it. It is named after the famous astronomer Edward Bernard.Unremarkable little star is located in the direction of the constellation Ophiuchus. She is a red dwarf, and this is the most common type of stars. From the northern hemisphere, Bernard's star is the closest to explore.

Of course, that star, which is the closest to the Earth, is the Sun. You can also find out about this in the article What is a star.

Of all the planets in the solar system, Venus is closest to the Earth. But since the planet is closer to the Sun than we, then it receives from the heavenly body twice as much heat and light. Although Venus comes closer to the rest of our planet, it�s very difficult to see its surface due to the cloudy atmosphere. This planet rotates around the axis more slowly than all other planets in the solar system. Venus is often called the sister of the Earth. This is due to the fact that they have almost the same mass and size.

Our second neighbor among the planets of the solar system is Mars. It is much smaller than Earth and makes up only 10 percent of its mass. It is also called the red planet because of the red color of its surface, which it acquired due to iron oxide.It is noteworthy that the change of seasons and the rotation of Mars coincides with the terrestrial ones, but the climate of the planet is much colder than on our planet.