What is com?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
May 15, 2015
What is com?

Sometimes it is interesting to learn about the origin and meaning of even simple and familiar words. Moreover, the use of such words for some reason is not always appropriate. For example, what is com? When will the use of this word be correct? To indicate what can be used? Let's see.

Lump as a word independently means a compacted (crumpled, compressed) piece of some loose or soft material: snowball, clod of earth, clod of clay. Derivatives of the word “lump” in this sense: lump, lump, bundle, crumple (crush into lump). Plural - coma, clods. For example:

  • clothes lay in a corner, crumpled by a shapeless clod;
  • problems were growing like a snowball;
  • the clods of earth boomed echoing about the lid of the coffin

Lump as a form of the interrogative pronoun "who" (prepositional): about whom? For example:

  • You want to know who I'm talking about? About Natalia Alekseevna. (I. S. Turgenev "Rudin").
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (title of E. Hemingway novel).

Com as part of words In this case, part of the word "com" is an abbreviation of the words "communist" and "commander" or "command":

  • Communist Party - Communist Party;
  • brigade commander;
  • battalion commander;
  • commanders - command staff.

This word has also become part of some phraseological and common expressions:

  • lump in the throat (figurative meaning - spasm in the throat);
  • the first pancake is lumpy (the direct meaning is a crumpled piece of dough, a portable one — an unsuccessful beginning).