What is dope?

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What is dope?

All professional athletes as well as avid sports fans should know what doping is. That is the meaning of this term our article will be devoted to.

Doping is ...

As a rule, the concept of doping is used in the context of sports competitions. It is a mistake to assume that only drugs or pills are doping. Doping includes any natural and synthetic substances that have a stimulating effect on the body, which results in an artificial improvement in the athlete�s achievements. As a rule, such substances are designed to dramatically increase for a short time the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as human muscle strength.

Most drugs are banned from professional athletes. Discussions on what kind of doping can still be taken during a competition can be found on the page What kind of doping is allowed in a competition.

In general, it is worth noting that the doping control at world competitions is carried out under very strict conditions.Today, there is the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which was organized on the initiative of the International Olympic Committee. WADA regularly updates the list of substances prohibited for athletes. All this is done to ensure that the competition took place on equal terms.