What is DotA?

February 24, 2015
What is DotA?

Today, among gamers, you can often hear about the game "Dota". Many players in the world today are addicted to it, but not all gamers know what DotA means, how this name is translated and how to play this game. Let us examine these issues in more detail.

Dota Popular Game

Dota is the abbreviated name of a single game. Full name - Defense of the Ancients ("Defense of the Ancients").

This name originally appeared in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. In 2005, a Dota map was created by a gamer Icefrog in a multiplayer game of Warcraft in multiplayer mode. From this point on, this card became more popular than any other card in the game Warcraft. Millions of users played on it every day, and some gamers continued to modify and make new changes to diversify the process.

Over time, the idea was picked up by many other game developers, and games based on the mechanics of DotA were created. For example, the game HoN or LoL.

However, in 2009, the rights to the idea of ​​the game were purchased by Valve, and the company also hired the game developer Icefrog. Together with the developer Dota Valve in 2013 released a remake of the game called Dota 2,which is now very popular around the world among gamers.

Today, it is usually about the game Dota 2 and say gamers.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game are simple - you control one character with different abilities on a map with two bases. You need to kill enemy creatures, “swing” your character, i.e. Level up, get new abilities. The main goal - the destruction of the enemy base.