What is eschkereee and where did this word come from

At the graduation in 2017, schoolchildren shouted at the top of their voice the mysterious word "eshkere". What this means is not known to any adult. And individual parents and teachers heard “Ichkeria”. This is the name of the self-proclaimed state of the Chechen Republic. But the reality turned out to be banal.

What does eshkeree mean

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For the first time hearing this set of sounds, it seems that this is a non-Russian speech. But in one of the Turkic languages ​​(Chuvash) there is the word "eshker", which in translation sounds like a gang.

But today's young people are not looking for sources of slang in the cultural heritage of Russia. And such an interesting word, which is known to any modern teenager, was borrowed from their American peers. But in America there is a different word, more precisely, the phrase "let's get it", which is heard as "esketit".

Translated into the native language, it sounds like:

  • "Come on."
  • "I need this." In this case it is a question of finances.
  • "Are you weak?"
  • "Do not be a coward and a weakling!"

The word search service from Yandex says that this word appeared on the expanses of our country from the English-language Internet in the early spring of 2017. And won fame in a few days. The peak of its popularity comes in July 2017.

Almost at the same time, synonyms were invented for him in his native language:

  • Eshkere.
  • Yeshkere
  • Eskhkere.
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Where it came from

At the very beginning of his journey, the rapper Lil Pump (Gezzi Garcia) established a collaboration with the hip-hop artist, who has the creative alias Smokepurpp. During the school period, Garcia visited the studio of his friend and tried to read a few verses under the ringed bit. This was the beginning of his career.

Thus, Smokepurpp became his creative mentor and began to promote his “protégé” to the top of the charts. Garcia became famous, but he didn’t get sick of a star disease like many young performers. On the contrary, he remained grateful to his mentor.

Since then, Smokepurpp often appears in clips Lil Pump. Together the friends sing about sex, drugs and hip-hop. Of course, each of their joint video is a resounding success, all thanks to the genuine openness and talent of friends.

The same happened with the clip, called "ESSKEETIT". Here the buddies emotionally shout out this phrase, in which there is no meaning. But the popularity turned out to be there.

How to use eshkereee on the Internet


The word, uttered once, began to walk on its own in various youth groups. The Russian-language Internet also picked up this fashionable trend, and in June 2017 it became famous. Thus, we can also call the main trend of the season more:

  1. VKontakte has a large number of groups in which this word appears. It can mean the subject of music, books, as well as photos of celebrities.
  2. You can find the word Escher in the name or surname of the user of a social network. Probably, as teenagers make it clear that they are "in the subject."
  3. There are a large number of parodies on the music video of the performers. The most popular was the song “I drop the West”, which belongs to the Face rapper.
  4. This phenomenon turned out to be on the HYIP show “Yutube”, which is called the “Sergey Druzhko Show”. Also, Lev Shaginyan, who is the leader of the “Memes Exchange” heading, greeted the audience with this word, which he was very surprised by.

It should be noted that the trend positions of the eshkereee were not for long, by the end of the summer fame began to fade.

Turnip in a turnip


The first one from whose mouth this cutting-ear word flew out was the native of Florida Gezzi Garcia. He is familiar to the whole world under the name Lil Pump. In 2017, he reached the age of 17 years, but this did not prevent him from acquiring a vibrant biography. Lil Pump is a young founder of the idea:

  1. From a young age he was a big problem for parents, as well as school teachers. He had an aggressive disposition, was expelled from school.
  2. This incident did not cool him down; rather, on the contrary, he realized that his fortune was closely connected with the culture of the street. And when peers gnawed on granite of science, he wrote poems that were performed under rhythmic music.
  3. He first reached popularity at the age of 15 years. During this period, Lil Pump (this is his creative pseudonym) released a track of the same name.
  4. Then, as if by magic, hit songs began to appear one after the other. They were all connected in a great bit, consistent style and terse texts. Success on a global scale was only a matter of some time.
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Many are convinced that the word eschkeree resembles in its own pronunciation Tatar or Kyrgyz or Central Asian language as a whole. But in fact, it is borrowed from the English language.In this case, the stress is placed on the second syllable. Of course, in the melodic Chuvash language there is a consonant word - "eshker", which in translation means - "horde", "gang", "gang". But it has nothing to do with the popular meme.

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