What is far away?

March 25, 2015
What is far away?

Many simple words in Russian are multi-valued. Among them is also the word "far."

In form, it is a adverbial adverb of place, it does not change and has a comparative form - “further”.

What is far: the meaning of the word

  • The word "far" primarily means long distance. Example: "They have already gone far enough."
  • Also “far” can play the role of a predicative, the sentence will be predicate. Meaning is a far distance to something or someone. Example: "This place is very far from here."
  • The word "far" can acquire a temporary meaning, for example, something that happened much earlier than something. Example: "She rose far to the sun."
  • In a figurative sense, this word has the following meanings: very, to a great extent, much. Example: "Not everyone can stand it."
  • Also, the word "far" can give an estimate of the distance to something significant, large. Example: "Far from these mass events."
  • Another value: the estimated characteristics of the qualities or capabilities of something or someone that is inferior to something or someone.Example: "Of course, I am far from Picasso, but I draw, in general, not bad."

These are the basic meanings of the word "far" in Russian.

In a separate group of words of the Russian language can distinguish nouns, denoting the qualities of a person, his character traits. The meaning of such words is important to know and understand everyone. One of the main and best human qualities is kindness.