What is flirting?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
April 22, 2013
What is flirting?

Flirt is a model of behavior in which a woman or a man in an easy game form tends to attract the attention of an interesting person. Usually it is a man of the opposite sex.

Originally the word flirting meant the art of giving flowers and it appeared in the XVI-XVII centuries in France. What is flirting in the modern sense? This concept appeared somewhat later in England. It was introduced by the writer Lord Chesterfield, who told the scene he had seen, in which Lady Francis coquettishly played like a fan and called it flirting.

Nowadays, flirting is more daring and frank. What does it mean to flirt for a modern person? These are views, gestures, words, intellectuality and a sense of humor. In any case, this is a game, but a game based on improvisation and having some intrigue. And flirting is an expression of sympathy for a person, an invitation to continue a relationship. The most interesting flirting happens when both partners flirt. And flirting continues as long as both perceive him as a game.

Flirt can have different purposes:

  • Invitation to a closer relationship
  • Invitation to sex
  • Expression of sympathy
  • Way to attract attention
  • The game, as a way of spending time
  • Life style
  • The way of manipulating another person

There are people for whom flirting is a lifestyle. They are usually spoken of as frivolous people, and very often they are not taken seriously. Flirting is much less harmless as a way to control another person. They are often used by managers and salespeople to persuade a customer to purchase a product or service that is not quite necessary for him. But more often, flirting is still an attempt to interest another person and the very beginning of a relationship.