What is granite?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 13, 2013
What is granite?

Since ancient times, man began to use stones for construction. Experienced way were found the most durable building materials, allowing to erect buildings, as they say, for centuries. Perhaps, primacy among such building materials takes granite. So, what is granite, and when did you start using it?

What is this stone?

Granite is formed from hardened magma, i.e. it has a volcanic origin. This is one of the main materials in the outer part of the crust. Lies mainly at great depths. It is easiest to mine this rock in mountainous rocky areas, where it comes to the surface as a result of tectonic processes.

Magma is a mixture of various minerals, which is why granite has a granular structure. This is indicated by its name. Translated from the Latin language "granum" is translated as "grain". But specifically, what does granite consist of? Its main components are feldspar, mica, biotite, etc., but the greatest content of quartz in it. It is this mineral that gives granite its famous strength.

There are several types of granite of different shades: black, gray-pink, yellow-gray.

Application of granite

The properties of granite were appreciated by the ancient builders. It was used in ancient India, Egypt and Rome. This stone practically does not absorb water, so it is not exposed to climatic influences, which is especially valuable for areas with a damp climate. So, in St. Petersburg, granite was used very widely.

The popularity of stone provided also ease of processing. Therefore, it is now widely used in construction work. It perfectly proved itself as a finishing material (facades of buildings, subway stations, embankments), pavements, monuments, used in interior decoration, in the production of table tops.

Thus, granite to this day remains one of the most used stones.