What is hell?

Hell is the opposite of heaven. And if righteous and good people go to heaven after death, who have done only good deeds for their life path, then hell promises to be a home for people who have lost their humanity and chose the path of evil and injustice. This is the place where sinners serve their punishment for all their deeds. Despite the fact that all religions agree that hell is the most terrible ending for a person, if you get acquainted with their dogmas more closely, you can find some differences. Let's take a quick tour of the religions and see how this place represents.

Hell in Christianity

According to Christian doctrine, hell is a very hot place, where fire burns day and night, there is no sun, and lakes filled with burning sulfur are the only ones that illuminate the darkness prevailing everywhere. In the Christian hell there are demons - the faithful servants of Satan, and in the past - angels who transgressed the commandments of God and wished to take his place. They tear the flesh of sinners and pour it on the burning resin. Despite such horrific paintings, Christians consider the most terrible torture, not physical, but spiritual.While in hell, sinners constantly hear the voice of their conscience and feel the presence of God, which is unbearable for them. Before them flashed pictures from the past and all their bad deeds, which they can no longer change. Jehovah's Witnesses consider hell a grave for all mankind. According to them, it acts as a temporary repository of dead souls until the onset of Armageddon.

Hell in buddhism

In Buddhism, hell is a place where beings reside who were evil in their lives and full of hatred. Buddhists claim that there are eight levels of hell. The beings who have got there do not remain there forever, as in Christianity, they are cleared of negative karma, after which they die and go to higher worlds.

Hell in islam

In Islam, where hell, as in Christianity, is located deep underground, has its own beliefs. According to Islamic faith, Muslims are in hell temporarily until they atone for all their sins. Everyone who worships false gods and denies the foundations of Islam will get here (does not accept the fivefold prayer, does not observe the fast of Ramadan, does not believe in the existence of angels).For such severe transgressions, they must suffer forever. In the Muslim hell there are guards consisting of 19 angels. The main tests that fall to the lot of sinners are terrible flours in the fire, which burns stronger than the earth, hot drinks from pus, as well as the bitter fruits of the Zakkum tree.

Hell in mormonism

In Mormonism, hell refers to a spiritual dungeon where all who lived unrighteously or rejected dogma and faith in the prophets go. While in hell, each spirit must repent, begin to comprehend the gospel, agree to accept the sacred ordinances of salvation. All who accept the Holy Scriptures are transferred to heaven and remain there until resurrection. Having resurrected and been on the court, each spirit receives a degree of glory prepared by God. Yet those who reject salvation and do not repent will remain in hell until the end of the millennium.

This is how hell is represented in different religious systems. Now you know what hell is in different religions.