What is hepatitis C

Sources of infection

According to statistics, several million people on the planet are infected with hepatitis C every year. The virus is transmitted mainly through blood. Most often, they are infected with people who are prone to drug addiction, who use one syringe to carry out several injections. It is possible that hepatitis C can be obtained under random circumstances, for example, medical workers can become infected with a virus if they get into the slightest amount of blood from patients with scratches or abrasions.
In rare cases, fans of tattooing and body piercing will get hepatitis C. If the sanitary norms are not observed, the infected blood gets under the skin and rapidly spreads in the body. A similar situation may occur during manicure or pedicure procedures. Unfortunately, it is also possible to get infected with a virus in medical institutions, where due attention is not paid to the processing of instruments.
Hepatitis C is transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy only in the absence of specialist supervision, and during sexual contact the risk of infection is also minimal. Airborne virus can not spread. His element - only blood.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Diagnosing hepatitis C in the early stages is very difficult. Most often, patients do not even suspect a change in their state of health. To establish the fact of infection is possible only on the basis of a blood test. The most common manifestation of hepatitis C is cirrhosis of the liver.
External symptoms of hepatitis C are spider veins on the skin, yellowing of the mucous membranes, an abnormal increase in the abdomen. In addition, an infected person constantly feels tired and apathetic. However, fatigue and weakness of the body occurs with most diseases known to medicine.
With the development of the disease, more noticeable symptoms appear - nausea, lethargy, lack of appetite, constant pain in the joints and muscles. On examination, a specialist, having noticed the slightest enlargement of the spleen or liver, is sure to prescribe an additional examination. Hepatitis C can accelerate this process in tenfold.

Hepatitis C treatment

When infected with hepatitis C self-treatment of folk methods is completely excluded. The patient needs to undergo a special rehabilitation course in a medical institution, and then be regularly shown for examination by doctors.
Lifestyle when infected with the hepatitis C virus is changing dramatically. First, a special diet and a course of medication are prescribed. Secondly, the patient is given advice on the exercise of maximum caution with others.
The best way to prevent hepatitis C is to be vigilant when in contact with any people.