What is in the right side?

Sometimes people feel pain on the right side of their torso. The causes of such pains can be very different. That is in the right side and the causes of pain, tell our article.

In this part of the human body are the liver, part of the intestine, gallbladder, right part of the diaphragm, kidney and appendix. Injuries or diseases of these organs lead to pain in this part of the body. The intensity and intensity of pain depends on where and what is happening. So what's in the right side?


Pain in the right hypochondrium can mean inflammation of the liver (or hepatitis). From here takes its name viral hepatitis. There are 3 main types of this disease: viral hepatitis forms A, B and C. As a rule, people are sick with hepatitis Form A. Hepatitis B is common among drug addicts and people with their environment. Hepatitis C is usually transmitted through transfusion of infected blood or a medical needle. Various drugs and chemical agents can also ruin the liver by their toxicity. Such hepatitis is called "toxic hepatitis."

Alcohol is considered to be the most dangerous for the liver, with frequent abuse of which alcoholic hepatitis occurs. The liver can also suffer from heart failure, in the case when the heart muscle pumps blood poorly. Part of the blood in this case stagnates in the lungs and leads to respiratory failure. Another part of the liver stagnates, thereby stretching it, causing pain.


Also, pain in the right side may be associated with the gallbladder. Bile helps digest food. Its excess is stored in the gallbladder. When you eat fatty foods, you need a large amount of bile to absorb it. So the gallbladder feeds bile into the intestines. Poor liver function, infection or gallstones can cause pain from above the abdomen.


There is another necessary organ - the pancreas. The pancreas (pancreas) is a glandular organ that is located in the abdominal cavity and secretes enzymes for digestion, insulin and juices. Often the cause of pain in it is its inflammation (or pancreatitis). People who suffer from gallbladder diseases and alcoholics are very susceptible to it.Attacks of pain here are very painful. They are accompanied by vomiting and nausea, heavy sweating. The pain becomes stronger in the prone position. It becomes easier when you sit down, leaning forward.


Kidneys are located on the sides. In the case when the right kidney is infected, it has an abscess, there are stones or an abscess. If a small stone came out of the kidney and hit the ureter, then the pain comes in waves. She is very strong and gives in the groin.


It is located on the bottom right. An appendix is ​​a small piece of tissue that moves away from the large intestine. Affected by various diseases, such as cancer, the intestine gives pain in the appendix. In case of pain in the right lower abdomen, you should think about appendicitis. If the pain lasts for more than 12 hours and does not subside, or the pain is localized near the navel, then most likely you have appendicitis. You must immediately contact the hospital for help.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is necessary to do the operation. Otherwise, the appendix may burst. This can lead to death.


Also, the pain from the bottom right can be caused by an intestinal infection, such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, shingles, ileitis, and diarrhea caused by worms or amoeba.The cause may be squeezed nerves that move away from the spine and end in the lower abdomen. A stone from the kidney on the way to the bladder can cause severe pain in this area.

Women in this part may have pain in ectopic pregnancy. Pain can also be caused by sexually transmitted infections, for example, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis. Ovarian cysts in their ruptures, as well as ovarian tumors cause chronic pain.

But, no matter how it was there, almost all of these diseases can be completely cured or not earned if you lead the right way of life.

Now you know what is on the right side.