What is literature?

Literature is of great importance in the history of the development of society. Man has always sought to transmit knowledge and share his feelings with other people. The appearance of writing can be considered the first step towards literature.

Find out what literature is. Definition of the meaning of this word will start from the root. “Littera” in Latin means “letter”, and “litteratura” means “written”. Thus, literature can be defined as an array of written texts of arbitrary content.

However, speaking of literature, the majority implies fiction. Consider what fiction is. Under the fiction understand the type of art, using as a means only natural language.

Three Kinds of Fiction

Literary criticism originated in ancient Greece, where Aristotle reflected on the kinds of literature, but later a theory appeared about the kinds of fiction, which was supported by VG Belinsky. If we refer to it, we can distinguish three kinds of fiction:

  1. Epic, that is, the narration of events outside the experiences of the hero;
  2. Lyrics, which is a story about the feelings of the hero;
  3. The drama depicting both events and feelings of the characters, as well as their mutual relations.

Types and genres of literature

Smaller units of literature crushing are type and genre. Literary works that have a similar form of presentation are combined into one type, and works of a single type with similar content are combined into one genre.

Thus, as examples of types of literature can be identified:

  1. The novel is a large form of a literary work with a significant number of heroes and a developed system of relations between them. Inside the novel there are genres such as adventure, social, philosophical, family and everyday, historical.
  2. An epic is a solo work or a series of works that illuminates a whole epoch of history or a significant event in it.
  3. A comedy is a work that makes fun of the shortcomings of society, emphasizing the absurdity and absurdity of situations.
  4. The song is the oldest type of poetry and is a poem from verses and chorus. The genres of the song are lyrical, folk, historical, heroic and others.
  5. The story is a form of a literary work of a small volume, which tells about a single event in the life of a hero.
  6. Lyrical poem expresses the emotions and experiences of the author in a poetic form.
  7. Essay - a kind of epic, reliably telling about the facts of reality.
  8. The story - a view similar to the story, differs only in volume. The story tells about several events in the life of the hero.
  9. Melodrama - a dramatic work with a clear separation of the characters into negative and positive.
  10. Tragedy is a type of drama that tells of a difficult fate, often a character’s death.

Russian literature

Revealing the question of what literature is, one cannot help but touch on the topic of Russian literature. Russian writers and poets have left an indelible mark on world literature, bringing into it the wealth and breadth of the Russian soul.

Consider what is Russian literature, how it differs from the rest.

  1. From the most ancient works in the Russian literature, attention is paid to the ethical side, the questions "What is good and what is bad?".
  2. Most authors paid much more attention to the content of the work, and not its form.
  3. Throughout the history of Russian literature, there are relatively few works of entertaining nature.
  4. Heroes of works of Russian literature are often depicted in connection with other people, the individual experiences of the heroes also have a social connotation.
  5. The works of Russian literature are mostly tragic, rarely a happy ending is to be found.
  6. Due to the peculiarities of the Russian language, the literature written in it is read more slowly than in other languages. Another reason for slower reading is the wealth of Russian literature with descriptions and images.

The role of literature in the modern world

What is literature for modern society? Literature for the writer is a way to convey your personal opinion, share your unique experience, tell about your dreams through events in the life of the characters.