What is myopia?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
January 25, 2015
What is myopia?

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of perfect vision. One of the most common problems is myopia (myopia). Let's look at what eye myopia is.

Myopia (myopia) is an eye disease that causes a person to see the image vaguely. This is due to the fact that the image of the surrounding objects is focused not on the retina itself, but on the area in front of it. The result of such a curvature - a person sees everything that is far away from him is blurry and unclear.

If a person with myopia looks at nearby objects, they will look quite normal for him. Hence the common Russian name of this disease - myopia.

Myopia occurs due to the fact that the shape and size of the eyeball changes. Normally, it should be a sphere, but with myopia, its shape stretches out and turns into an ellipse.

The number of people suffering from this disease is constantly increasing. Myopia can hurt people of any age (from primary school to old age).

Types of myopia

We figured out what is myopia, now consider its types. The following degrees (types) of myopia are distinguished:

  • low degree (requires lenses for vision correction up to 3 diopters);
  • medium degree (lenses are required for vision correction from 3 to 6 diopters);
  • high degree (requires lenses for vision correction of more than 6 diopters).

Also, ophthalmologists diagnose progressive myopia, in which the disease tends to increase by 1 diopter per year. In such cases, not to do without surgery.

People suffering from myopia need glasses for distance, and at a strong stage - for close objects.