What is the difference in care of the remontant garden strawberry from the usual varieties

Repair garden strawberries bloom and pleases the first harvest since June, and the last berries are removed from the bushes in late September. With warm autumn weather, you can also eat berries in October. The care of repairmen is, in general, similar, as is the case for ordinary strawberries. A distinctive feature is the long period of fruiting. Therefore, the most significant in the care - enhanced plant nutrition.

Repairmen love more fertile soil and require frequent fertilizing throughout the summer season. If the soil was not initially richly filled with organic matter, then humus, biohumus or compost are regularly added to the bushes several times a month.

Additionally, once in 10-12 days, mineral supplements are given. It is desirable to use water-soluble complex fertilizers, which contain not only the main nutrients, but also trace elements: boron, molybdenum, copper, manganese, sulfur.

If there is enough organic matter, then the mineral dose of fertilizer according to the instructions is halved. Once a month, you can add a tablespoon of ash. Such dressings are made from June to September.

In dry weather, the remontant strawberries should be watered, otherwise the berries will be very small. Such agricultural technology will ensure the continuous formation of buds, flowering, and, consequently, the ripening of berries.

In late August - early September, nitrogen is eliminated from the dressings, so that the plants switch from fruiting to preparation for wintering. If the plantation is planned to be removed, then nitrogen is not excluded.