What is the dream girlfriend

A friend dreams of gossip, emotional talk and pleasant pastime. Often with the help of such a dream, your subconscious mind throws out desires, insults, and complaints that have accumulated in your soul. When interpreting a dream, it is important to consider the oddities in the behavior and appearance of a friend, as well as the feelings that overwhelm you.

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What is the dream girlfriend
What is the dream girlfriend

What does a pregnant girlfriend dream about?

Such a dream makes it clear that your girlfriend is under the influence of relatives or public opinion. However, you can be a source of ideological inspiration for her. This means that in the vision it “nurtures” your joint creative ideas. If in a dream a friend gave birth to a child, your common project has every chance of becoming successful. According to Miller’s dream book, the girlfriend’s pregnancy is a sign that she will soon be embarrassed. It is also possible that at the moment your friend is making a fateful decision.

What dreams of a man pregnant girlfriend? The dreamer is most likely a delicate and empathic kind.In addition, the dream can warn him about the impending deception. A business man a friend who is expecting a child dreams of troubles in business. The culprits of his troubles will be unscrupulous partners. If a pregnant girlfriend appears in the dream of a married man, in reality his spouse becomes ill.

What dreams ex-girlfriend?

For a woman to see her former friend in a dream is a bad omen. In your environment there is an envious or rival, gossip. Nice conversation with a former girlfriend in a dream threatens with scandal in reality. At the same time, a dream where there was a quarrel or a fight promises normalization of relations with close people. If you are working in the field of trade, a friend may dream of you as a sign of preparing snares from competitors.

What a man dreams of an ex-girlfriend? A chance meeting with her in a dream, foreshadows a new romantic acquaintance. If you are dreaming about your friend's wedding, a new stage begins in your life. Tears of the ex-girlfriend in a dream can turn into real trouble.

Did you have a previous passion with a new gentleman? The current girlfriend or spouse will put you in front of a difficult choice.

Sleep with dead girlfriend

Such dreams are often prophetic, so pay attention to the details. If the girlfriend was wearing a black dress, wait for the mourning message. Words spoken by the deceased in a vision may sound like a warning. If she is silent and cries, the dreamer will face severe trials.

The joyful view of the deceased promises, on the contrary, good news. In a dream, you saw a dead girlfriend in the car? In the near future, refrain from traveling in cars, be extremely careful on the road. The deceased, preparing food, dreams of the arrival of guests. If the deceased friend, having appeared to you before the wedding, is sad, the marriage will be unsuccessful.

Why dream of a girlfriend with a child?

Sleeping with a friend and baby foreshadows the completion of the family. A baby dreams to a quick conception, a big child - to the appearance of a baby toe during the year. Smiling baby promises easy pregnancy, crying - difficult childbirth. Aggression on the part of a child in a dream indicates that motherhood (fatherhood) will be difficult. If a girlfriend in a dream scolds the baby, the pregnancy is forced. To see how a child flies around a friend is a sign that the child will be sociable and mobile.

What dreams about the unusual state of a friend?

If in a dream your best friend is sick, sad or impoverished, wait for unpleasant surprises. The capturing girlfriend can also mean betrayal. A naked friend - a warning about future health problems and household troubles. Drunk girlfriend dream to spat.

To see the death of a close woman means to experience psychological discomfort due to unequal relations. It seems to you that a friend does not appreciate your friendship. At the same time, you are ready for much for her. In a dream to see a girlfriend crying - to joy.

What dreams of a girlfriend's wedding? To the implementation of plans and fulfillment of desires. Maybe soon you will meet interesting people, have a good time. Too razgulnaya, fun wedding, where you were a guest, can also warn of the onset of the black stripe in life.

Have you dreamed you were a boyfriend during the holiday? Soon, pleasant and fateful changes can occur in your personal life. If in a dream you are kissing with a friend, your views on life will change significantly. In the future, you are likely to go different ways, but in the heart there will be hope that a friend will follow you.

Modern dream book about a friend

To lose a friend in a dream means to make real friends in reality. A dream in which a girlfriend takes away your loved one, gives out your real fears. Dream that a close friend, tore a money jackpot and shared it with you? In reality, you are experiencing financial difficulties, but be ashamed to ask for help.

A dream in which you and your girlfriend are going on a long journey means that you need to collect your thoughts alone.