What is the name Winx?

Many young fans of the Winx series are interested in the names of the main characters. This article contains the names and biography of the main characters of the cartoon. We hope that a sufficient number of girls will stop tormenting the question, what is the name of the Winx.

Winx bloom

Winx Bloom Magician was born on December 10 on the planet Domino, and is her princess. She is 17 years old, and her zodiac sign is a dragon. Magical abilities manifested in her when she was engaged in the rescue of another fairy - Stella. He is strong and caring, and at any time ready to assist Winx girlfriends. It draws its magical power from the Flame of the Ancient Dragon. You may be interested to know the name of Winx pets. Bloom has a pet - a sheep, whose name is Belle, and she also has a pixie fairy, who has knowledge of portals and labyrinths, and her name is Lockett. Bloom's best girlfriend is fairy Stella.

Winx muse

The next Winx sorceress is Musa, who was born on May 30 on the planet Melody. She is 17 years old, and her zodiac sign is an elf (goblin). The favorite colors of the sorceress are red and purple. She just loves music.Muse is very caring about her friends. She has good athletic achievements - she takes second place in the Winx club. It is not surprising that her magic power is based on music, because she loves her so much. Una is a little bear named Pepe, and a pixie, whose name is Tune. She is a pixie of etiquette, with which Muse quite often swears.

Winx stella

The next Winx sorceress is Stella, a very emotional and energetic girl. She was born on the planet of Solarium on August 25, and now she is 18 years old. Stella siren is a star sign, and her favorite colors are golden, orange and yellow. She has a best friend - Winx Bloom. She does not shine with her knowledge, loves to chat and learns in twos, but her friends help her to stay afloat. There was even a case when she smashed the whole laboratory in an attempt to create a new shade of pink. She is the owner of the forces of the moon and the sun. Her pixie - love pixie named Cupid. She also has a pet dog Ginger.

Winx flora

The Winx Flora Magician is 17 years old, and she was born on March 1 on the planet Lynfea. On the sign of the zodiac, she is a dryad, and of course she loves plants and animals. Flora is very kind, sensitive, calm, sweet, and is a very useful member of the Winx team.The entire room of the sorceress is overwhelmed with dozens of plant pots, and she looks more like a greenhouse than a house. The magic of Flora is the magic of nature and earth. She, like all fairies, has a pixie, which is called Chatta, and she is a pixie of communication. Of course, Flora could not help but have a pet. She has a kitten named Koko. Tekna is her best friend.

Winx tecna

Tekna is the brain of the Winx team. She is 17 years old, and she was born on June 28 on the planet Zenith. Tecna’s zodiac sign is Triton, and the favorite colors are purple and black. Her most positive qualities are consistency and rationality. She is very clever and knows such sciences as technology and mathematics perfectly. She likes to play various computer games and disassemble mechanisms. She always tries to make the right decision in a difficult situation. Sorceress Tekna is the owner of techno-magical forces that allow her to control any mechanical objects. Her pixie name is Digit, whose abilities very much resemble the abilities of her mistress. She also has a duckling named Chico.

Winx leila

The last sorceress on this list was born on June 15 on the planet Andros, and her name is Leila. She is 17 years old, the zodiac sign is a chimera.She is quite self-willed and wild, but she is great at driving an air scooter, and also she has excellent physique. Leila considers herself a feminist. She came to the Winx club later than the others, but she managed to make friends with the Muse well. Her magical ability is to manage fluids, including a special pink liquid called Morfix, which can take any form. She is sometimes tormented by nightmares, but this problem is solved quite simply by her pixie Piff, who can control her dreams. Leila's pet is a rabbit named Milly.

Now you know the name of the Winx fairies.