What is type?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 3, 2015
What is type?

The word "type" comes from the Greek "tipos" and translates as "imprint", "sample" or "form." So what is the type? What is the meaning of this word and in what cases is its use appropriate? Let's see.

Actually, all the meanings of this word are somehow related to its translation from Greek.

The word "type" has several meanings:

  • Type as a form or type of something that has specific characteristics. Or type as a sample, which corresponds to a group of phenomena or objects. For example, the Slavic type of person, types of relief, types of speech.
  • Type as a term in zoology. In this case, this term is used to designate the association of similarly-derived classes of animals. For example, type Arthropods, type Vertebrates.
  • Type as a category of people who are united by some common features of appearance or character. For example: “Optimists look at problems easier. People of this type are distinguished by confidence in a positive result. "
  • Type as an image in literature that contains the characteristics of a group of people. For example, the Gogol types in the Russian classics.
  • Type as a person with characteristic properties or distinctive features. For example, suspicious type, strange type.

Many other terms and adjectives are formed from this word: typology, typicality, typical, typical, same type, etc.