What is the Varface?

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What is the Varface?

Warface - multiplayer online shooter, which is presented in the first person. This game is based on the Cry Engine 3 game engine and is designed for PC and Xbox 360. Many novice players wonder what Warface is and how to play it.

The history of the game

Warface is developed by Crytek, which involved the Ukrainian branch of Crytek Kiev, the South Korean side of Crytek Seoul, and the main office located in Frankfurt am Main during its creation. They began to develop the game in 2008, and the general public learned about it only in 2011, during the official presentation of the game. Initially, the game was designed for the Asian market, but with an increase in demand, the creators decided to re-release it for players from Europe and North America. This event occurred in 2012.

Parties in the game

Warface is a computer game that is a shooter game. All actions in the game take place in 2023. It is worth noting that the game is possible both in the form of a PvP battle, and a PvE team mission. In Varfeys presented two sides:

  • blackwood is an organization of terrorists that illegally sells weapons and spreads a corrupt network; engaged in the destruction of civilians;
  • warface - the opposing squad, engaged in the release of objects around the world, which received an order - to stop the terrorists at all costs. Interestingly, the clothing of this unit resembles the shape of US marines.

Gameplay Features

The game is provided in two modes: PvE and PvP.


This mode allows players to create teams and complete a selected mission together. Each mission has three levels of difficulty: easy, difficult and professional. The game features 5 types of PvE:

  • safari. Here participants must get to the helicopter, the situation is complicated by shelling from all sides;
  • arena. In this situation, the action of the game is concentrated in one point, which must be defended from the approaching terrorists;
  • convoy. Warface squad must escort the vehicle to a safe area;
  • killing the boss The main goal of this type is the destruction of the “Piloted THUNDER Fighting Vehicle” (or in another way, the KA-50 helicopter).
  • liquidation.“Warface” receives a new mission - the assault on a huge twenty-story skyscraper and the destruction of the Blackwood leader, Oberon White. The mode is called the "White Shark".

In each mission of this mode may be present 4 - 5 people, depending on the conditions of the mission.


PvP is a game mode where participants compete with each other. In this case, the following types of battles are presented:

  • meat grinder. This mode is a classic “Death Match” where the players appear randomly;
  • team fight. Team Death Match is used here, and players appear together;
  • storm. Players must hold a certain position. This fight is interesting because the card is divided into three parts, and you can play by selecting one of them. The transition to the next part is carried out by capturing the previous one.
  • capture In this case, the teams take turns trying to capture the territory where one team advances, and the second takes on a defensive position;
  • undermining The same technique is used in the game CS. The main task for the first team is to install a bomb, and for the other to prevent this installation;
  • destruction. This mode involves the destruction of the enemy base.If the enemy has detonated the base three times, he automatically gets the victory.

By the way, the game provides for the battle of the clans. If you want to try yourself in this battle, change the room mode from “Normal” to “Battle of clans”. Only members of certain clans can take part in such a game.

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