What is WTF?

Leonid Veselov
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What is WTF?

Many people ask: �What does WTF mean?�. From the English language, this abbreviation stands for "what the fuck"? What translates into Russian - �what the fuck?� Or �what the fuck?�. That is, WTF is a Russian CZH. This translation is used in Internet slang.

WTF - what does it mean more than this translation? For example, this is how a computer program is designated in the Linux operating system to decrypt abbreviations. In online games, this abbreviation can be used as �Want To Fight�. This is a quick invitation to fight. Another W.T.F. in the animated series South Park is called 10 episode 13 season. It is also denoted by the world organization Taekwando and stands for World Taekwondo Federation.

Enough basic translations of this abbreviation have already been listed But still, what is WTF? It also:

  • The name of the album is American rapper Vanilla Ice.
  • A set of mini games for PSP, having its own abbreviation of decryption - Work Time Fun.
  • It is believed that this can be briefly denoted wednesday-thursday-friday (wednesday-thursday-friday).
  • The name of the gardeners club in detective A.Christi about E.Puaro.
  • Mod in dota pho fan. DotA is a cosputer game with its subculture.
  • Decrypt files with settings in the famous game World of Warcraft.
  • Decoding - Great Farm Theorem.

Thus, there are many transcripts of a single abbreviation - WTF.