What do Sagittarius like?

Alena Peschanskaya
Alena Peschanskaya
December 18, 2012
What do Sagittarius like?

Intelligence, sense of purpose, sense of humor and accuracy of judgment, as they say "not in the eyebrow, but in the eye" - are inherent in this sign in full.

He is full of optimism and generosity, but due to his energy potential, you can light up Tokyo, or - to blow something up. It depends on where to apply.

But, with all its positive qualities, the sign is very picky. He has preferences that he will not give up even on pain of the death penalty.

What Sagittarius value

Freedom. Moreover, this is characteristic of both men and women of this sign, therefore, Sagittarius enter into marriage extremely reluctantly, more often - under duress. Not only in marriage, any connection, any obligations that may threaten their precious freedom, are perceived by Strelets Troops very negatively. And the generally accepted behavioral norms for them are not a decree at all!

A Sagittarius man wants to be able to dash off at once, drop everything, go to the ends of the world to take up new interesting work.

Both men and women Sagittarius are pathological truth lovers.And although it will not go sideways once, the Sagittarius will not miss the opportunity to "cut the truth of the womb" where it would be possible to keep silent. What Sagittarius love is honesty in everything. And if you heard from them a compliment or declaration of love, you can be sure - this is true.

Sagittarius, both men and women, love their friends. Representatives of this sign are friends with many, are happy to help in difficult times, infect others with their optimism and cope with difficult situations easily and naturally.

What men love Sagittarius is a good company, where people share common interests, and where Sagittarius, of course, will be the center of attention. He loves and knows how to talk, he has a talent to enthrall the audience.

Sagittarius men hate stagnation and routine, even at work, even in a relationship. They are easy-going, active, enthusiastically tackling a new business.

To gain new knowledge, to strive for the knowledge of the unknown, to get involved in adventures and adventures, to dream - all this is characteristic of them in full measure. In their area of ​​interest are politics and history, religion and the occult, travel and sports.

Women are very rare, what could be an ideal wife for Sagittarius, too many conditions and requirements.

To be just as easy to ascend, to have the same interests, not to encroach on freedom, not to be jealous, to be able to dream and make plans, to forgive “truthful” statements in your address, to try to mitigate the consequences of his statements regarding others, to restrain his desire “ Embed the truth of the womb, wherever possible.

And yet - to be beautiful, elegant, well-groomed, easy to communicate, educated and talented. That's what men love Sagittarius, and that is what they want to see in their half.