What phone to give a girl for the New Year 2015

How to choose a phone as a gift for a girl, wife and mother for the New Year

The celebration of the New Year from childhood is associated not only with the Christmas tree and Santa Claus, but also with gifts, so it is not surprising that adults, like children, hope in the depths of their hearts for a miracle and dream of getting a gift on New Year's Eve, about which have long dreamed of. But giving gifts is almost as pleasant as getting them, so many guys and men want to please their beloved ones by presenting them with a new mobile phone for the New Year. However, in order to surprise the New Year's Eve, and the girl really liked the gift, the guy needs to carefully approach the question of what kind of phone to give the lover, because otherwise, instead of sincere joy on the face of the chosen one you can see only a forced smile.

Which phone is better to give a girl

As the well-known truth says, there is no taste and color for a friend, therefore choosing a mobile as a gift, one can not be guided by one's own tastes and preferences, because it is unlikely that a girl has exactly the same wishes for this gadget as you do.Therefore, choosing which phone to give to a girl, you need to focus on her preferences, which can be found either by asking directly or carefully looking at her gadget and finding out which phones she used before.

How to choose a phone as a gift for a girl, wife and mother for the New Year

Many guys think that the best gift is the most expensive gift, but far from it. Therefore, if you decide to make an unexpected surprise to your girlfriend in the form of an Iphone 6 or a gadget of another brand popular at the moment, it is better to first try to find out the attitude of your beloved to this smartphone. The easiest way to find out is whether she will be delighted with such a surprise on the New Year - as if jokingly, in passing talk to ask a girl if she would like to change her gadget to the phone of the model you previously selected, look at her reaction and draw conclusions.

To choose which phone is best to give a girl, you can use the following recommendations - using them, you can understand your favorite preferences and not make a mistake with the choice:

  1. Find out what functions of your mobile your sweetheart uses most often - maybe she loves to take pictures on mobile, often listens to music,prefers certain applications and games or regularly enters social networks or mail from your phone? When you learn about these preferences, you can decide what characteristics a mobile phone should have, which a girl will surely like - for example, an amateur will take pictures of the gadget, equipped with a high-resolution camera and a large built-in memory, a fan of social networks - a large-screen phone that is convenient keyboard and wi-fi, etc.

    How to choose a phone as a gift for a girl, wife and mother for the New Year

  2. Choosing the brand of phone for the girl, you should focus on gadgets that she used before - for example, it is unlikely that a fan of Sony Xperia will be delighted with Samsung. Therefore, it is better for a girl to give the newest mobile model, released by her favorite manufacturer.
  3. You never need to give the same gadget that the girl already had (or she is using it at the moment, but it began to fail)
  4. Not all girls like gadgets, the case of which is made in bright, golden or pastel colors, so it is better to choose a mobile one in the case of the same color as the one your favorite is using at the moment.
  5. If the girl in the conversation directly said that she wants a particular mobile model, it is best to donate him
  6. Since you are choosing a New Year's gift, deciding which phone to give to a girl, 2015 is the year of the Goat according to the eastern calendar, so you can buy a key chain as a symbol of this year and attach it to the gadget

How to choose a phone as a gift for a girl, wife and mother for the New Year

What kind of phone do I give my wife?

Husband and wife are two halves of one whole, therefore, as a rule, they know everything about each other's preferences, and it's not very difficult to decide which phone to give to his wife. To do this, just need to know in advance about her preferences from her or ask someone from mutual friends (friends, relatives or even a child) to ask her beloved, what kind of gadget she would like to receive as a gift for the New Year.

If you doubt that you can choose a gift that will appeal to the second half, take it to the store before the New Year and offer to choose any mobile you like, which will be your gift.

How to choose a phone as a gift for a girl, wife and mother for the New Year

What phone should I give my mom?

Choosing which phone to give to mom, you can use the tips given above - to look at her preferences yourself or find out which gadget she would like to receive as a gift.But in no case do you need to give your mother a gadget that you or someone from your family used before and decided to change it to a newer one - such a surprise cannot be called pleasant. Mom, like no one else, appreciates our attention and care, therefore, choosing a New Year's gift for her, you need to show imagination and pick up such a gadget that she would surely like and become another evidence of your love for her.