Which roof to choose to give?

We bought a cottage near Yekaterinburg, we want to make repairs and change the roof. Who can tell which material is better for the roof and where can I buy it?
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Answered on March 4 20:32
The most budget option for the roof is of course metal, which has good quality at the best price. But I prefer soft shingles - it is light, it has excellent heat and sound insulation, withstands temperature changes.
Answered on March 4 20:37
First of all, choose the material for the roof based on their financial capabilities. Slate in our time is used, probably, only to cover the shed or garage. Ondulin and professional flooring can be distinguished from inexpensive coatings.
Answered on March 4 20:42
I think that it is better to immediately choose an ecological and durable material for the roof, and at the same time that the quality matches the price. In my opinion, this is a ceramic tile, which has many positive characteristics.Here, for example, look at the ceramic roof here Find out their prices, perhaps this option will suit you.