What should be blood sugar?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 25, 2012
What should be blood sugar?

Glucose is nothing more than sugar, a very important component in the body. It is responsible for the production of energy by the body. Every cell of the human body needs glucose, it is from it that the course of all metabolic processes, the normal functioning of the whole organism and the general condition of a person depend. What should be blood sugar for the normal functioning of the human body?

Blood Sugar Rate:

- The level of glucose in the blood of both an adult and a child is the same. The norm of glucose in a healthy person is the limit of 3.3 - 7.8 mmol / liter. During the day, the level may exceed the upper permissible limits due to digestive processes, physical stress on the body. If you are worried about your blood sugar level, immediately consult a doctor and monitor your sugar level;

- The rate of fasting blood glucose is within 3.3 - 5.5 mmol / liter.

It is better to perform an analysis to measure glucose in the morning on an empty stomach or after two hours a meal field,at bedtime and during the day. Your doctor will advise you about the frequency and need for glucose testing.

Excess dose of sugar in the blood. What to do:

  • Do not put in the back box ask for help from a specialist. For a long time with high sugar causes thickening of the blood and difficulty in its transportation through smaller blood vessels. Especially important is the control of sugar to a person with already developed diabetes mellitus;
  • If you are already registered with diabetes - exactly follow all that the doctor prescribed: diet, elimination of alcohol and cigarettes;
  • Try to lose weight, your body will be easier to cope with the load;
  • Watch the norm drunk and out of the body fluid;
  • Exercise reduces blood sugar;
  • Your health worsens, urgently address to the doctor.

Watch your blood sugar levels to prevent obesity from low levels of it or the development of advanced diabetes.