What should be read?

Tatyana Eflina
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What should be read?

Every person from time to time should read books for self-development. The fact is that life is changing, we are changing, our goals and priorities are changing. To better understand how to act in a given situation, how to achieve something, certain literature is needed. Let's find out what should be read.

Useful books

Here is a list of useful books for self-development:

  • Dale Carnegie "How to win friends and influence people?". This book will help you make new friends, as well as learn to make acquaintances easier and influence your surroundings.
  • N.D. Walsh "Talking with God." The book is useful for those who can not say goodbye to past grievances, as well as for those who want to get rid of various fears.
  • A. Solzhenitsyn "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich." It will help you understand how valuable each moment of our life is. The book will teach that it is necessary to treat misadventures easier. We must thank life for everything.
  • Bible. This book, no doubt, will teach a lot.
  • R. Bern "The Secret." This book will help overcome various life difficulties, teach you not to give up and go ahead.
  • N.Hill "Become successful with a positive world view." The book will teach you to think positively, not to complain, but to go towards your goal, looking ahead with optimism.
  • G. Arkhangelsk "Time Drive". The author will tell you how to find time for all the things that you have in mind. In the book you will find a lot of effective time management techniques.
  • V. Sinelnikov "The mysterious power of the word." You will learn what to say and how to talk. After all, we often say words without thinking what they mean, and by doing so we ruin our lives.