What is said on forgiveness Sunday?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 16, 2012
What do they say on forgiveness sunday?

Forgiveness Sunday is the last day before Great Lent for Orthodox believers, or the 7th Sunday before Easter. In our country, Forgiveness Sunday also coincides with the end of carnival. The official church name of this day is the memory of Adam's exile.

What do Orthodox believers say on forgiveness Sunday to each other?

On this day, it is necessary to ask forgiveness from each other and forgive in order to proceed with great soul to the Great 40-day Fast and with a read heart to celebrate Easter.

This day is also called Syropust, because all meat products, cheeses, milk and eggs are excluded from consumption. Orthodox on forgiveness Sunday apologize to each other, they come to church for confession to cleanse their soul from sins. For each "Forgive me" it is customary to answer "God will forgive and I forgive ... And forgive me too." By this, Orthodox believers indicate that all human sins are forgiven by God and a person joins this forgiveness.