What to buy in Greece?

Actually this is already a normal phenomenon, you are going to relax, enjoy the exotic, which is not in the homeland, but suddenly you remember that it will end soon. And how do you want to save longer these feelings, these emotions, feelings. Need to buy something for memory! Yes, and relatives, friends, to please and tease. You are looking for something that will be a piece of this place that will really remind you of a distant (and maybe not very) edge. But you are not always resolving this issue. So we decided to help those who are going to rest in Greece. What is this state famous for? What will remind about cities? Let's talk about what you can buy in Greece for yourself, friends and loved ones.

Shopping in Greece

Honestly, in Greece you can buy everything that comes to mind, from clothes to food and souvenirs. You can find something that will resemble a long time and a sweet time spent in Greece, and you can buy something that will delight to the very depths ... of the stomach - the food is excellent hotels from Greece. Let's talk more specifically what can be bought in Greece.

  • Food. A wide variation of choice.
    1. So, probably the first comes to mind from what to buy in Greece. Crete is an island where you can buy excellent olive oil of various variations in taste (with various herbs, spices), in appearance (in souvenir bottles and in simple ones), in terms of volume. In addition, you can choose small and large volumes, you can also look at the year of production. Greece here gives you the opportunity to choose. By the way, pay attention to the acidity (it is indicated on the bottle): more than 0.1 - for frying, less than 0.1 - for salads. Want to take a lot? Try to bargain!
    2. Brandy Metaxa and a variety of wines. The price will, of course, depend on the volume.
    3. Seasonings in a variety of types of souvenirs. Actually, you can find them in the souvenir shops, in hypermarkets too.
    4. What else to buy in Greece? Rhodes is an island where you can buy real honey with natural mountain herbs in duty free.
    5. Halvas is a wonderful sweetness. If there is no place to take with you, be sure to try in Greece.
  • A wonderful selection of cosmetics on the very natural olive oil. Corres is recommended, slightly cheaper, but not worse than cosmetics Aphrodite (especially for dry skin: body milk, creams). For example inAgois Nikolaos has a shop where you can buy cosmetics of a different class: cheaper and more expensive.
  • From the souvenirs of Greece, you can bring the most diverse set: magnets; ceramics; glass plates painted by the artist’s own hand; olive wood chopping boards (very chic!). Figurines of nymphs, gods, centaurs. Vases with paintings imitating antiquity.
  • Things from cotton and knitwear. Excellent quality, availability, handmade. T-shirts, tablecloths, bed linen and more. Who has the opportunity, in Greece, you can buy elegant carpets, and of fur coats, this Greece is popular.
  • By the way, among the souvenirs an excellent choice can be made on a religious theme, because Greece is a Christian country. The icons in the Byzantine style, the crosses - will be loved by your relatives. You can buy in the shops at the temples, as well as in the iconic shops.
  • Aromatic soap based on olive (natural!) Oil with the addition of these essential oils. You can buy a set, you can by the piece (price per weight).
  • From expensive - jewelry made of silver and gold. A large number of shops with gold jewelry in Athens, on the islands of Santorini and Mykonos.The choice is huge, high sample and quality, however, and the corresponding prices. Silver and copper can be purchased not only jewelry, but also unique dishes and other decorative items.
  • Different forms of sponge and pumice (and you can collect yourself).
  • Leather: purses, belts, caskets.