What to cook from kefir?

Many people like to use such a drink as kefir. Besides the fact that it is very tasty, it is also healthy. But few people know that you can cook a lot of no less tasty dishes from kefir. In this article, we present only a small part of them. However, each of them will surprise you with its unsurpassed taste and originality.

Hot days have come, and this means that the vast majority goes to nature. And what is this outdoor recreation without kebabs? So, the first recipe:

Kebir Pickled Kebabs

Someone marinating kebab in beer or wine, and someone in vinegar. We suggest you try the kebab marinated in kefir.


  • A pound of pork;
  • Onion;
  • Liter of kefir;
  • Salt, pepper, spices. Taste.

Pork should be cut into approximately equal pieces. Cut the onion and, mixing with the pork, put in a container. Salt, pepper, add spices. Pour all kefir and mix. Marinated meat should be about a day. Fry on charcoal, as usual shish kebab. In the process of cooking skewers can also be watered with the remnants of the marinade.Meat will surely turn out tender and juicy.

Kefir bread soup

This soup is very well conceals not only appetite, but thirst.


  • Liter of kefir;
  • Onions (250 g);
  • Rye bread (200 g);
  • Salted cucumbers (200 g);
  • Parsley;
  • Salt.

This soup is made quite simply. Chopped cucumbers and onions cut into strips. Add parsley, grated (or diced) bread, salt. All ingredients mix and pour fresh kefir. Serve this soup should be cold.

Sponge cake on kefir

Delicious sponge cake that will delight the whole family at dinner.


  • Kefir (500 g);
  • Eggs (1-2 pieces);
  • Sugar (half a glass);
  • Oil (100 g);
  • Two glasses of flour;
  • Half a teaspoon of soda;
  • Raisin, salt, vanilla. Taste.

Such a biscuit can be made from sour kefir. First, the oil should be ground with sugar, add eggs, flour, salt, vanillin. Pour the kefir. The dough should be approximately the same as for thick pancakes. Add soda, raisins. Bake the cake should not be very hot oven. Approximately 30-40 minutes. As soon as the biscuit cools down, you need to cut it and smear it. You can use powdered sugar to sprinkle sponge cake on top.

Pancakes on kefir

Delicious pancakes on kefir suitable for any drink.


  • Half a cup of kefir;
  • Eggs (3 pieces);
  • Two glasses of flour;
  • A glass of sugar;
  • Half tea loki salt;
  • One third teaspoon of soda;
  • Vegetable oil (3-4 tablespoons).

Eggs, sugar and salt should be thoroughly mixed. This dish can be prepared from sour kefir or from fresh. Add it to the eggs, stirring constantly. Pour in flour and knead the dough. Add soda. Bake pancakes should be in a pan until golden brown, on both sides. Serve pancakes with jam, honey or sour cream.

Chicken ventricles baked in kefir

Very tasty dish that will appeal to all gourmets.


  • Chicken ventricles (1 kg);
  • Kefir (1 l);
  • Onions (100 g);
  • Cheese (100 g);
  • Carrots (100 g);
  • Salt, pepper, spices, spices, bay leaf.

From what can be cooked from kefir, this dish is a favorite of many people. Chicken stomachs are sold in all butcher shops and shops, in the meat department. Properly cooked, they are very tasty, be sure to try.

To prepare such a dish is very simple. You simply bake chicken ventricles with kefir, onions, cheese and other ingredients.It turns out very tasty and satisfying. You can serve, both separately and with a side dish - potatoes, rice and so on.