What to do if pester?

In our time, we very often find ourselves in unpleasant situations, so we must be able to get out of them, no matter how they develop. Being on the street, returning home or somewhere in a public place you should always be alert. Trouble may arise from nowhere. Lack of culture of behavior, bitterness and wrong drinking of alcoholic beverages often lead to disastrous results. If we react to the situation in time and correctly, then negative consequences can be avoided.

A huge recommendation for both women and men is to go through at least elementary self-defense courses. They will tell you, show and teach you how to behave in such situations, what to do and what actions to take. And then you will not be asking yourself what to do if you pester.

But even if you have not completed such courses, there are some tips that will help to get out of such situations.

If stick in a dark courtyard or in the stairwell

First, evaluate the situation. Threatened with a knife or a pistol, better give everything that is demanded of you.Life is much more expensive than money, phone, jewelry or something else. There is a long life ahead, and you can still earn and buy everything. And if the situation does not pose a mortal danger, then it is possible and necessary to take other actions. First of all, it is very important to knock down those who are sticking to you (there will be more time to run into the staircase and close the door or run to a crowded place). We must also remember that in our time no one pays attention to the cries for help, and the chance that someone will come to your rescue is generally meager. To get the result, shout "Fire!" - the most effective. Also, if you are confident in your abilities, beat the abuser to the groin or nose, only with all your strength, otherwise it could be worse.

If pestering the cafe

The first step is to contact the bartender or the security service in this institution. The main thing - do not go beyond the institution, there is definitely no one will help. Try to attract the attention of others to this problem, and then they will help you.

If you stick to at work

It is not as scary as it seems. Believe me, the other side is not less afraid of you, only trying to intimidate and take all measures to achieve their own. The first way out is just to quit if you don’t feel sorry for losing this job.Otherwise, we must fight for ourselves and defend our rights. Contact your superiors or law enforcement agencies. The main thing is not to be afraid of defending yourself and defending your rights. You are the victim, and this should not be forgotten.

If the guy is pestering

It becomes insulting, you get lost and you do not know what to do if the guy bothers. A person to whom you have warm feelings, or even love, begins to behave in such a way that it hurts you terribly deep down. No need to go on about it. It is always necessary to remember that as much as you respect yourself, the people around you respect you as much. You will give up once, and this will never stop. It is always easier to say no at the beginning than later. This must always be remembered. Before taking any action, consider what the consequences may be.