What to do if the voice is gone?

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What to do if the voice is gone?

Everyone can have a situation when his voice suddenly disappears. This can happen for completely different reasons: from a cold or a sore throat, due to overstretching of ligaments, if he spoke loudly, sang or shouted a lot, and sometimes for no apparent reason. What to do if the voice is gone.

Missing voice: action

  • Find out the cause - in different cases of voice loss and treatment will be different, so for a start, remember what happened shortly before you lost your voice.
  • For colds and infectious diseases, it is necessary to treat sore throats, good rinsing, warm drinks and anti-inflammatory sprays, for example, ingalipt. During treatment, you will not be able to eat cold foods and drinks, but honey will be useful.
  • The voice can disappear with colds and if you take expectorants and do not treat the throat. The phlegm will be excreted through a cough, but the cough will be difficult due to inflammation and, as a result, all this can lead not only to pain,but also to the loss of voice. In this case, stop taking expectorant and use the spray.
  • In case you have disrupted your voice, then there are folk methods that will help restore ligaments: these are various variants of warm herbal decoctions from chamomile, anise and honey. A good remedy is warm milk with honey or you can drink milk with vodka at night (one tablespoon of vodka per glass of milk). You can drink carrot juice, diluted with milk. Also used a mixture of raw eggs or yolks with honey and brandy. The essence of all these methods is that the ligaments are enveloped in a fatty substance, they relax and warm up. Try not to talk at all for a while, anyway, your �� does little to help, it�s better to take a pen and a notebook with you and write notes.
  • There is another type of voice extinction, the rarest. Its causes lie in the subconscious and are psychological. If a person has suffered severe stress, got into a traumatic situation, and at the same time his voice was somehow connected with this, then the subconscious decides: in order for the situation not to repeat, the voice must be turned off. And the person is in such a position as if someone found the control panel and turned off the sound to him. The bundles are intact, the throat is fine, but a person cannot make a single sound.