What if things sat down after washing?

Surely almost every housewife at least once found that after washing some things have decreased by the size or even two. It, undoubtedly, afflicts and introduces into a stupor, especially if clothes it was planned to put on. But the situation can be corrected!

Why is this happening?

Why do some things sit down after washing? The reasons are related to the properties of the fabrics from which the clothes are made. Most often, natural fabrics are blended or mixed (they contain synthetic fibers), such as cotton, knitwear, viscose or wool. They can change some of their properties and structure when exposed to certain factors.

And one of the most common is temperature drops. Many things sit down exactly after washing in hot water. In addition, the cause of shrinkage may be incorrectly selected mode. So, if you set the maximum number of revolutions and spinups during machine wash, the clothes made of wool or cotton will definitely decrease.

How to solve a problem?

So, what to do if after washing the village thing?

  1. You can try soaking it in cool water for 10 or 15 minutes, and then take it out, shake it off, straighten it well and put it on any horizontal surface on a towel (it will remove excess moisture). Before drying, you can gently pull the product, but with extreme caution, otherwise the material will be damaged. Squeeze out the clothes are not worth it, so it can be deformed even more. And when the product is almost dry, it should be moved to the hanger, once again well straightened.
  2. This method may seem unusual, but in fact it is very effective. Soak a thing in cool water for fifteen minutes, and then lightly shake and put on. It is necessary to walk in a product until it finally dries. And so that the clothes stretch out not only in breadth, but also in length, small weights need to be attached to the bottom edge, for example, some cans on clothespins. In the same way, you can slightly pull back the sleeves. If you do not want to walk in wet clothes, then don it not on yourself, but on the mannequin.
  3. A thing made of wool is not worth trying to stretch, it can lead to rupture of fibers and final damage.You can prepare a mixture of 10 liters of water and 3-5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Immerse the product in this solution and rinse it well, while gently straightening it. Then leave the item in the composition for an hour and a half, then gently remove excess moisture (but do not squeeze, but shake) and put to dry on a terry towel and always on a horizontal flat surface.
  4. If the product is made of mixed or synthetic fabric, then it should be soaked in cool water for 15 minutes to soften the material. Then place the item in the washing machine and select the delicate washing mode with the minimum speed and lowest temperature, but do not add the powder. Probably, in the process of such a procedure, the fibers will soften and stretch, due to which the clothing will acquire an initial appearance.
  5. If the product is made of cotton fabric, then ordinary vinegar will help to stretch it. You will need a 3% solution. Dampen a soft cloth or sponge in it. Now spread the sowing thing on any horizontal surface and begin to soak it with a sponge, at the same time gently, slowly and evenly stretching.When you treat the entire area, hang the product on a hanger and let it dry to further stretch out under its own weight.
  6. If you prefer folk remedies, then this method will suit you. It is similar to the previous one, as it also involves the use of vinegar. In 10 liters of cool water, dissolve three tablespoons of vinegar and soak the affected clothing in this composition for literally fifteen minutes. Then gently squeeze the product and hang it on the hanger. As it dries, gently pull and straighten the material so that it stretches evenly.
  7. The increased temperature will also help. If the thing has sat down, then first place it in cool water for a few minutes, then shake it off a little, put it on a terry towel, cover it with gauze and iron it well. Stretch the material gently as you iron. Then you can hang the product on the hangers and leave to dry. But it will have to straighten until it finally dries.
  8. Steaming can be used instead of ironing, it is even more efficient. The product will also need to be soaked in cool water for ten minutes and a little shake.Then either put it on a towel, or immediately hang it on a hanger. Take a steam generator, steamer, steam cleaner or steam iron and begin to process the material while gently pulling it out with your free hand. Make sure that the fabric is stretched evenly.

How to avoid problems?

How to prevent shrinkage of things?

  • Carefully read the information contained on the label or label of the item. Find out what material it is made of, as well as what are the features of caring for it.
  • Follow all rules of care for the product, especially when washing. Choose a delicate mode and make sure that the water was cool (not higher than 30 degrees).
  • If you get a woolen thing, then secure yourself by choosing one size larger than yours. In this case, even if the product and sit down after washing, it will fit you.

Now you can bring back the sat down things.

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