What to do in the summer in the village?

Alexey Ganzenko
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What to do in the summer in the village?

If you are going to spend a few summer weeks with village relatives, a purely urban person sometimes experiences some confusion: what will I actually do there? Indeed, what to do in the summer in the village? Let's consider several options.


For many people, rest in the village is associated with this pleasant activity. We were all girls and boys who intensively fed mosquitoes by the lake or river with a fishing rod in their hands. Similar rural fun will suit almost everyone. The prejudice that fishing is uninteresting and boring will leave you after the first fishing trip with your buddies. The next time you will be begging friends to take you again.

Berries and mushrooms

In addition to fishing, the village is habitually associated with meadows, fields, swamps, forests ... And what can you do in the forests and in the swamps? That's right - pick berries and mushrooms! The summer forest is practically inexhaustible storeroom, it remains only to work a little and, becoming a �silent hunter�,collect his gifts in the basket! Picking up mushrooms is a fascinating process and when, after a long search, you finally find the cherished white mushroom, your triumph cannot be described.


But now the sky was clouded with clouds, it started to rain, it became significantly colder. You won't go fishing or into the forest anymore, there is no Internet in the village, what to do? In this case, everyone going to summer vacation in the village is recommended to stock up on books. This can be either the usual paper version of the book, or electronic. Having a smart book in your hands, you can relax by consuming the healing village air and no less healing products, while increasing your cultural and intellectual level. In the end, we can finally read something that was never enough time in the city.


The summer rains are short, the sun came out again, and what a rest without a pleasant sunbathing under its tender rays! Here the main thing is not to overdo it and not to �burn out�. Give yourself sunbathing is better in the late evening or early morning. In the midst of the sun, it is not recommended to sunbathe, since such a �relax� will bring not harm, but harm.If the trouble did happen and our skin suffered from sunburn, you can use a reliable village remedy - anoint the burned place with kefir or sour cream. Investment comes almost immediately.

How to spend the summer in the village

Summer is a hot time for a countryman, when there is no time to rest. And of course, it will not lose from us, if combining the pleasant with the useful, we will take a feasible part in the agricultural work. Whether it is necessary to lay down hay or pick up apples, repair an old house, or grind a boat - our help will always be welcome and appreciated.