What to donate for 1 month?

February 2, 2015
What to donate for 1 month?

Usually parents do not show their born baby during the first month. However, when the long-awaited date comes, all close relatives and friends are invited to visit.

What you can donate crumbs for 1 month, you will learn below from our article.

What to give a child for 1 month

Is a newborn baby boy or girl does not matter. This is due to the fact that the main gifts that can be presented for the first month will be the same. Presents will differ only in color, because usually pink things are chosen for girls, and blue for boys. However, colors such as green, yellow and orange are also relevant.

  • An interesting gift is the "cake" of diapers and diapers. Such things are always needed by young parents, and the original design will be remembered for a long time both by the owners and guests.
  • A good gift will be a musical turntable on a cot. Also relevant are various rattles and safe toys. At this age, you must give bright musical products.
  • Useful gift - radio or baby monitor. Such an assistant helps young parents very much, who cannot constantly monitor the child.
  • You can give various accessories that will simplify the task for parents. For example, heater and sterilizer for bottles, steamer, blender or mixer.
  • Give as a gift a set of first dishes or a nightlight in the form of little animals.
  • Gifts and "for growth" are possible. Beautiful clothes, playpens, chairs, swings or jumpers.

Any gift can be supplemented with knitted booties, vestments made from natural fabrics, teats, bottles and children's hygiene products.

Before buying an expensive gift, be sure to consult with relatives - after all, perhaps there is already a thing in the family.