What to donate for 500 rubles?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 4, 2015
What to donate for 500 rubles?

Any person would like to give an unforgettable gift to the birthday man, but this option is not always affordable. But you should not give up, because you can choose a good gift and with a very modest budget.

In this article we will consider what to donate for 500 rubles.

What gift can you give for 500 rubles?

It may seem to many that it is simply impossible to buy something decent for this amount at current prices. Meanwhile, if you think a bit, the impossible will become possible. So, for 500 rubles you can buy the following unusual gifts:

  • a name cup that changes color when heated;
  • thermomug;
  • darts or other game;
  • large photo postcard;
  • USB flash drive with an interesting design.

Universal Gifts

Consider the option of inexpensive universal gifts that can be given to people of any age and gender. For example:

  • travel kit, which includes a variety of items designed for personal care;
  • headrest cushion;
  • business card holder;
  • original lamp;
  • stylish umbrella.

Also a good option would be to give some souvenir. This can be a statuette in the style of Feng Shui, a pen with an original design or magnets with a photo of the birthday man.

If you are afraid of miscalculation with a gift, then present a certificate for the purchase of cosmetics or jewelry. Of course, its cost will be only 500 rubles, but a person can add and purchase a more expensive item. It will be much better than if he gets an unnecessary trinket that gathers dust on the mezzanine.

As a gift for a business person fit business accessories. After all, for 500 rubles you can buy a good quality diary, a pen in a case, a set of stationery.