What to give to the son?

On the eve of significant holidays, there is always an acute question about what to give to loved ones. Parents always want to give a gift that would remind the child about them and at the same time be pleasant and useful to him. To do this is often difficult. In this article, we will tell you what to give to your son so that your gift will be remembered for a long time.

Little boy

If we are talking about a gift for a very young child of preschool or school age, then the problem is solved quite simply. In stores now there is a huge selection of a variety of toys for every taste and budget. Unconditional favorites among gifts for boys are:

  • transforming toys;
  • radio-controlled helicopters;
  • cars and aircraft, constructors;
  • any toy cars and weapons.

It will be great if you present your son with a developing gift, which he will deal with you. It can be a fun board game for the whole family or some tools that a father can teach him to use.

Now the children are mostly asking to give them various new gadgets.But such a purchase is not the best option for a gift. After a couple of months, a new, more advanced model of a smartphone or tablet will be released, and your gift will no longer be so relevant, and you will spend a lot of money on it.

A gift for teens should be chosen according to their personal qualities and preferences.

For creative people

If your son is interested in any kind of art (draws, sings, enjoys photography, plays a musical instrument, etc.) you can find a gift related to his work. This may be a new guitar or easel, for example. Encourage the child’s desire for creativity and self-expression - perhaps in the future this hobby will bring him fame and he will owe his success to you.

If your son is a music lover, you can give him an exclusive collection of disks of his favorite artist, high-quality headphones or a ticket to a concert of your favorite group.

For athletes

For those who are keen on sports, such gifts as a gym membership, a new sports uniform and shoes, and sports equipment are perfect.

Even if your son is not a professional athlete, he may have always wanted to try himself in snowboarding or roller skating. Give him that opportunity.

For sports fans

Some people do not do any sports themselves, but actively follow the sports achievements of their favorite team. Such people are called sports fans. If your son is one of them, give him things with the symbols of his favorite team or a ticket for their match.

For motorists

If your son has already managed to acquire his own car, then you will not be mistaken with a gift if you bring him a GPS navigator or DVR for the holiday.

For more budget options gift perfect holder for your phone or a funny accessory on the suction cup.

For computer geniuses

If your son doesn’t get out for hours because of the computer, you can, of course, try to fight this way of life, but it’s hardly any use to it. Most likely, with him it will pass with age. In the meantime, you can please him with new speakers or a mouse for a computer, a disk with a new video game, or buy him an external hard drive with a large amount of memory - believe me, he will appreciate these gifts.

For mods

All teenagers are trying to look more fashionable and stylish compared to their peers. This applies not only girls, but also guys.If your son often complains that he has nothing to do, go shopping with him and let him buy what he chooses for himself.

Is it worth giving money

Many now give money as a gift. “What you want, you can buy it yourself,” say the parents. However, it seems to us that this is not an entirely correct approach. Of course, all families are different and each has their own point of view on this question. But it is more appropriate to give money at an older age. For example, when the son already lives separately or he has his own family. In this case, deciding what he really needs becomes quite problematic, since you don’t see that often. But while your child is still learning and living with you, you are quite able to choose a gift that he will like.