What to present for graduation?

Graduation party - an important event in the life of any person. Giving gifts on this day has become a good tradition. A gift does not have to be expensive. The main thing is that the desire to make a pleasant graduate or teacher go from the heart.

What can you give to graduation

Ninth grade graduates

The end of the ninth grade is the first step of a teenager into adulthood. At a still quite young age, a girl or a boy should decide on a future profession in order to start searching for a new educational institution.

  • For graduates, for sure, a gift set of writing accessories or a thick diary in hardcover is useful.
  • You can give a girl a roomy bag or a bright folder for documents. A young man - a stylish organizer or leather briefcase.

It is possible that the child will continue to study at school and go to the tenth grade. However, it is still worth giving a teenager a memorable gift:

  • You can give a boy a small computer accessory, for example, a flash drive with an unusual case, a wireless mouse or keyboard, or fancy headphones;
  • A girl can be pleased with a set of cosmetics or a new dress.

Eleventh Graduates

Graduation ball students are looking forward to. Everyone wants to dress in his best costume and spend the last solemn evening with classmates and favorite teachers.

  • Usually they give mementos on this day. For example, a girl can be presented with a beautiful piece of jewelry, for example, small silver earrings with a precious stone, a thin bracelet or an unusual brooch. A young man can be given an expensive engraved watch as a souvenir of a significant day.
  • Future students will benefit from a different technique in the near future. For example, a laptop, tablet, voice recorder or e-book.
  • You can give the graduates a joking gift with a hint. For example, an alarm clock or piggy bank.
  • On sale you can find an interesting gift souvenir called "Student Recruitment". A gift looks like a frame, under the glass of which there are various sets of things (for example, a tea bag, drying, a hundred-ruble bill and a cigarette).

Graduates of secondary and higher educational institutions

  • Parents can please their children with a little rest after hard years of study. Give a vacation ticket to a warm country for a few days, a guided tour of Russian cities or a rest in a boarding house with meals and relaxing therapy.
  • You can please graduate new modern phone or music player.
  • The girl, for sure, will be glad to receive a gift certificate in a massage parlor or spa treatment. You can give a graduate a salon service, for example, chocolate wrapping or moisturizing the body with aromatic oils.
  • A trip to a stylist or makeup artist is also always a topical present for any girl, especially if you present it just before the celebration.
  • A young man can give a certificate to a driving school or a coupon for tailoring a stylish classic suit. If the young person already has a vehicle, then donate a car gadget (radar detector, navigator or DVR).

Teachers and teachers

A graduation party is a celebration not only for graduates, but also for their mentors. Therefore, on this day is to thank the class teacher. You can give the teacher a photo of a class in a large frame or an interior item for the study (floor flower arrangement, wall clock, decorative fountain).

In the case of a higher or secondary school, you must present a gift to the supervisor.You can give a picture, a gift edition of a book or a can of good coffee.

As for the other teachers and lecturers, they can make symbolic gifts. For example, donate a potted plant.

Of course, on this day you should not forget about bouquets of flowers.