What to say to the young?

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What to say to the young?

Wedding in any society is a very important event, because on this day a new family is born, so everything that happens at the festival is very important. Newlyweds all their future life will remember this day, which means that it is necessary to take a very responsible approach to deciding what to say to the young.

It is especially exciting to make a wedding speech if you attend this event for the first time or if you have an important role on it. You should not worry much, the main thing is to prepare well and in advance.

Tips: what to say at the wedding

  • Toasts in poetic form. If you do not know how to write poems, then it will not be difficult to find an interesting greeting in a poetic form on the Internet. However, we do not recommend this option, because in this case, with congratulations, you may be ahead. If you still stopped at this option, it is recommended to stock up on a couple of verse congratulations and follow the toasts of other guests. In addition, the newlyweds themselves could already hear such a toast at other weddings.
  • Congratulations on humor are very welcome at weddings. But be correct in your choice and do not overdo it with jokes, otherwise only loud laughter will be remembered, and not what you wanted to convey to the couple.
  • In drawing up a toast, it is important to take into account the addictions of the newlyweds. They will not be able to appreciate the verse toast, if they do not like poetry, or, for example, they do not like toast with jokes, if they do not have a sense of humor.
  • Congratulations in your own words, containing a description of your feelings for the newlyweds or something important and beautiful of their life together, usually touches the soul the most.
  • It is not necessary to include in the speech ambiguous phrases or subring.
  • Do not try to fill your speech with complex, but beautiful words: the main thing is that the speech be sincere and come from the heart.
  • If you want to congratulate each of the newlyweds individually - it does not matter, but congratulate both, not just the groom, or just the bride. And in conclusion, be sure to insert the general wish of happiness and harmony in family life, because from now on they are practically one whole.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. This saying applies to many situations, including wedding toast.Young people, like guests, will miss the thread and the essence of congratulations if it is long, florid and difficult to understand.

Wedding speech: how to start

Due to the fact that the wedding is usually attended by guests in large numbers, you can start a greeting with an appeal to all. You should also introduce yourself if you have not been introduced to the toastmaster, for example:

  • Friends, let's congratulate our newlyweds on such a wonderful day!
  • Friends, let's congratulate the new family together!
  • Dear guests, we all gathered today for such a wonderful occasion - the birth of a new family. I am a friend of the newlyweds and would like to say ...

And here are a few appeals directly to the heroes of the day:

  • Newlyweds;
  • Newlyweds or young;
  • Newly minted family;
  • The appeal "bride and groom" is usually not used in the wedding speech, since the celebration and congratulations usually take place after the marriage ceremony. However, you can turn this way: “Congratulations to you, my friends, at the beginning of the day you were the bride and groom, and now you are a family!”

How to say a toast at a wedding?

Everyone wants to say such a speech at a wedding, so that not only the newlyweds, but also all the guests remember it.However, not everyone understands that not only the words themselves are important, but also how you present them.

After the speech is ready, it is necessary to rehearse it carefully. It is better to memorize it, but even if you are confident in your memory, we advise you to draw it on paper. The decoration should be beautiful, it will allow to give a festive congratulation to the newlyweds with a gift, which will be twice as nice. Other articles of our site are devoted to wedding gifts: What to give the newlyweds and What parents give to the wedding.

However, speech memorization is not necessary; You can read your congratulations from the beautifully designed cheat sheet, but you must read with an expression, occasionally looking up from the sheet.

You can practice in front of the mirror. Be sure to exercise out loud, so you can hear the obscene moments of the toast in advance and correct them.

If you feel liberated in front of the audience, you can supplement your toast with a theatrical performance using additional details (outfit, small souvenir gifts comparable to your toast). In this case, it is better to agree with the master of ceremonies to include your congratulations in the wedding program.

Try not to drink alcohol before you speak, even if you think this will give you confidence. Otherwise, your beautiful speech can turn into a tremendous shame, and to a greater degree not for you, but for the young.