What to see from fiction?

Fantastic films have long been loved by various people. And as you know, demand creates supply, and today there are more and more films of this genre. It is worth saying that not all of them are of high quality and interesting. Therefore, for many people, the actual question is what to watch from the movies? Science fiction, as a genre of cinema, is very extensive. Let's figure it out.

Classics of the genre

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), in Russian translation, it is called as an Alien. A good and heartfelt film, ideal for family viewing, tells how an alien is forgotten by his relatives on the planet Earth, where the boy Elliot and his sister take care of him and help him survive.

What to see from fiction? Of course, Star Wars (1977-2005). This saga, which today includes 7 episodes, has won the hearts of many people from different countries and nations. About the plot of this story can talk endlessly. At the forefront of the film director puts the eternal history of the confrontation of the dark and bright side of power.In addition, all 7 parts reveal the tragedy of the father of the main character Luke Skywalker - Darth Vader, who is the main antagonist of the saga.

Alien (1979) and all subsequent sequels of this remarkable film. The film tells the story of how a cargo spacecraft, which returns to Earth, decides to land on an unknown planet. Here the most interesting begins ...

The fifth element (1997). Like many fantastic films, the Fifth Element is devoted to the confrontation of dark and light forces. Namely, once every five thousand years, doors open between measurements, and the dark side tries to break the harmony of the world. Save the world to be an ordinary taxi driver from New York Korben Dallas. In order to stop the evil he needs to collect 4 main elements - water, earth, air and fire. And add to them the fifth, mysterious and unknown. Can the hero of Bruce Willis save the world?

Modern fantastic saga

It so happened that almost all the films of the fiction genre are dilogies, trilogies and large-scale paintings. Here are the most prominent representatives of them:

  • Matrix (1999 - 2003). This epic trilogy about how Neo,who plays pretty Keanu Reeves, becomes a mission in the world of the Matrix. This world is only an illusion that exists in the dream of a doomed humanity. And the people in it are only batteries in prudent computer systems.
  • The Terminator (1984 - 2009). The world in which there is an eternal war of cars and people created by James Cameron will not leave anyone indifferent. Indeed, in this cinematic tape you can find not only a detailed panorama of the death of mankind, but also the tragic history of the relationship between mother and son. To date, the cycle includes 4 films and a series about the life of Sarah Connor - the mother of the main character of the saga.

And this is not all that to see from fiction. Today, there are hundreds of films, cartoons, TV shows of this interesting genre. I hope our selection will help you find something of your own in a huge number of different stories.